When Gabrielle Bernstein wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is say a prayer of gratitude. “I take a deep breath and I say that I’m grateful for this day and for the rest I’ve received,” she tells 24Life. On World Mental Health Day, read on for some of her tips for feeling good every day.

At 39 Bernstein has mastered the art of slowing down, tuning in and choosing again throughout the day—aligning and re-aligning her energy with the presence of feeling good. And in her latest book “Super Attractor” (Hay House, 2019), she encourages and teachers her audience to do the same.

“The more we focus our attention and energy on feeling good, the more we attract what it is that we generally want to experience in life,” Bernstein explains. In other words, focus on feeling good—and the rest will follow. “As you align with that feel-good energy, you begin to super attract.”

Filled with meditations, helpful methods and intentional principles to practice, Bernstein’s most recent book is intended to help readers be in the moment, have fun, and tune into feeling good. Then, she explains, “Use that feeling-good energy to bring more healing to the world and, yes, attract more of what you desire, but most important, be a better energetic being in the world that needs that energy now.”

After all, when you feel good, you help others feel good. “The best thing you can do is follow the steps in this book and really feel good, and then your children, your family, your spouse will change,” says Bernstein. “They will adjust. When you raise your energy, they will rise up with you.”


One of Bernstein’s guiding principles for feeling good is reconnecting within. And for that, you’ve got to slow down.

“A devotional practice of being still allows us to feel a connection that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to feel because we are moving too fast,” attests Bernstein, who offers various meditations to help guide the reader to slow down and really tune in. “That slowing down is a major process, and it’s necessary in order to reclaim that connection and then, of course, believe in that connection.”

She explains that the more she meditates the more tuned in she is, “and then, the more you’re tuned in, the more you’ll start to feel more synchronicity show up in your life.” You’ll also begin to feel a greater sense of connection and to feel inspired.

“The more we commit to that connection, the more we will really feel that greater sense of alignment show up in our life, and it will become undeniable.”

Choose again

In her book, Bernstein offers a method called Choose Again to help readers slow down, recognize when a thought is out of alignment, and choose a better-feeling thought—another way of connecting.

A three-step process, the first step is to notice that you’re out of alignment and to ask yourself, “What am I thinking and how is it making me feel?” the next time you feel really stressed out, anxious or upset. The second step is to forgive yourself for having that thought; and the third step is to choose again—the practice of reaching for the next-best-feeling thought.

That way you can really release the attachment to the thought that feels bad, explains Bernstein.


Another quick and simple way to disrupt what’s happening in any moment and reconnect is prayer. The prayer that Bernstein often turns to throughout her day is, “I choose to judge nothing that occurs,” releasing all judgment of the situation.

Another great prayer she offers is, “I claim my happiness and well-being today.” Or simply asking for guidance: “Thank you, universe, for guiding me to heal this condition, or feel good in my exercise, or stay on this healing path.”

Enjoy the journey

Bernstein talks a lot about “small, right actions and not feeling like we have to be there overnight, taking these small steps toward the desire and trusting the journey along the way—that whatever we’re doing on a small scale is having a big impact. She says, “The more we commit to that small scale, the more it will grow, and that happens with our work, with our relationships, with our physical health.”

She encourages her audience to appreciate what they already have—“the body you have right now, while you’re on the journey of getting in shape and losing weight.” In doing so, she continues, “You’re really bringing much more ’empower’ energy to the processes, which will [then] be more sustainable.”

As she can attest from her own postpartum weight-loss journey, “the more fun you have with your workouts and the more you can enjoy the process of witnessing your body change, the sooner your body will catch up.”

In other words, have fun, focus on feeling good and be in each moment—and you’ll attract the results you desire.

Photo credit: Chloe Crespi