Just a few months ago, you might have been doing your best to keep up in a GX24 class with 24 Hour Fitness Area Group X Manager Mike Rowe. These days, instead of jabs and kicks and reps, Mike is leading Flow 24, a virtual group training session designed to help participants regenerate, recover and reset their energy. We asked him for his tips on #WFH and here’s what he had to say.

What formats do you teach?

At our clubs, I teach Les Mills BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP. During the stay-at-home time, I have been teaching Flow24 through our Virtual Group Training Platform.

Where’s your home gym?

My husband and I have two spare bedrooms, one in which we had the standard treadmill and rower in along with the spare bed. But during this stay-at-home time, we removed the bed and completely rearranged the room for an at-home gym. It’s my Virtual Group Training space, where I can teach without interruptions from our four-legged babies.

Is there a change you’ve made that you think you’ll keep, even when things get back to normal?

I really need to keep some type of mobility flow or yoga practice in my exercise routine. I always forget how great I feel after a session.

What’s your stay-home meal plan?

My husband and I have taken to creating lists before we leave the house, so we know exactly what we need and what store we need to get it at. This has really helped us stay more organized. We also find that we don’t wander the aisles asking ourselves if we need certain items. If we miss something, it just goes on the list for the next shopping trip. We also tried grocery delivery a few times and found out how easy it was.

What’s one cool thing about leading workouts virtually?

I really miss my in-club participants, and I really appreciate my virtual training participants taking an hour out of their day to join me in that setting. And I’m enjoying seeing people join from so many different areas. It’s cool to have a Virtual Group Training with people from California, Washington, Virginia and Hawaii, just to name a few places that join in my Flow24 sessions.

You can try Mike Rowe’s Flow 24 class for free right now, from 24 Hour Fitness. Check out the complete Virtual Group Training.schedule.

Photo credit: Mike Rowe