Humans are not solitary creatures. Here’s proof that the power of group is better than the power of one.

Finishing the year strong may require some added help from the community of people you surround yourself with.

Whether it makes you compete a little harder or helps you get through your workout, in celebration of the power of the group, here are four different videos that remind us why it’s powerful to work together and cooperate.

Even hippos rely on carp for oral hygiene (and overall health and well-being).

If you’re of a millennial (or a parent of one), you’ll remember this earworm from “Sesame Street.” (Before there were such things as earworms!)

Why humans run the world. (Hint: It’s not because we’re the biggest or strongest.)

Cooperation and competition aren’t opposites after all. This two-minute lecture from Dr. Jordan Peterson, psychology professor at the University of Toronto, will shake up your idea of competition.

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Photo credit: santypan, Thinkstock