Add these five total-body moves to your next TRX workout to get more out of you training.

If you’re looking to mix up your training and coaching routine with the TRX Suspension Trainer®, check out these five full-body moves that will give you maximum bang for your buck.

  1. TRX Overhead Squat

Purpose: Placing your hands overhead while you are squatting engages your core muscles as well as the muscles of your posterior chain (posture muscles). The added result is an increase in heart rate.

Things to keep in mind: Keep your arms straight and biceps in line with your ears. Keeping the straps pulled tight from start to finish will engage your muscles, adding an awesome upper body challenge. For an extra burn, hold the bottom of the squat for one second.

  1. TRX Decelerated Push-Up

Purpose: Deceleration (slowing your descent) combined with the explosive push up keeps your muscles guessing.

Things to keep in mind: Keep your plank solid! As you begin to fatigue, proper plank form is often the first thing to go. Ensure you are engaging your core by pulling your ribs down toward your hips. Flex your feet in the foot cradles, pointing your toes toward your nosem and push your heels into the handles for increased leg muscle recruitment. The stronger your plank, the easier your push-up.

  1. TRX Tricep Roll-Out to Extension

Purpose: By kneeling, you are reducing the strain without having to sacrifice the angle. This allows more isolation for your triceps and more control for your shoulders.

Things to keep in mind: Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears, especially at full rollout, and keep your elbows in tight to the body and pointed at the ground.

  1. TRX Crunch to TRX Pike Combo

Purpose: By holding a loaded crunch before you pike, you activate the quads in a whole new way!

Things to keep in mind: While setting up your plank, make sure to anchor your shoulder blades down and back. Think about corkscrewing your palms into the ground, turning the elbows in to point at your knees. Finally, make sure once you crunch the knees under the hips, you push down into the top of the foot and move straight up and down for the pike.

  1. TRX Inverted Row 

Purpose: To allow a deeper angle on the row and a bonus glute workout.

Things to keep in mind: Keep your shoulders set in between sets. Even though your hips will touch down on the ground between reps, don’t lose the lift in your chest, and keep your shoulder blades pinched together. This will add isolation throughout the movement.  Also, push your hips as high as you can to create a table top with your body; this will be sure to max out your glutes!

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