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In advance of the “Hands of Stone” release on Blu-ray™, DVD, and On Demand November 22nd, 24Life is offering readers a chance to win a free copy. Enjoy Édgar Ramírez’s insight into training to play a legend, and check out the giveaway at the end.
In the movie “Hands of Stone,” actor Édgar Ramírez portrays boxing great Roberto Durán — a man who came from humble beginnings and turned into the most legendary Latin American boxer of all time, as well as an icon for his country.

In order to play the important role of a skilled athlete and champion, Ramírez moved to Durán’s native Panama for an entire year and trained in boxing gyms to truly become his character. Ramírez says he underwent a deep and amazing transformation while preparing for and shooting the film, and here’s what he learned about life along the way …

  1. Music drives the moves — in the ring and in life. “There are different styles of boxing, and in Panamanian boxing, there’s something very musical, almost salsa driven about the flow. I actually trained to salsa music in the background to ease my way into Durán’s fighting style and into portraying him.”
  2. We see ourselves in others, and we like that. “Boxing is a primal sport that dates back to before the Romans. It’s exciting to watch a fight, because we’re all projecting ourselves onto the fighters. Whatever you lack or aspire to be is shown on the fighters, and that’s why it’s so mysterious to watch – some of that mystery will never be revealed.”
  3. Everyone starts at the bottom, so be kind. “In a boxing gym, there’s no arrogance, no petulance, no unhealthy or unfriendly competition, because the only real competition to you is yourself. I was treated with consideration, respect and care as a newbie walking in that nobody knew. Contrary to what people may think, a boxing gym is a very welcoming place, because every big fighter was once a rookie.”
  4. You can’t judge other people’s lives and problems. “Life is tough for everyone. You may be broke or a multi-millionaire, but conflicts are always there. The difference between us is how skilled we are to deal with that conflict in our lives. We have to keep learning from human nature and we have to keep dealing with tough things in life.”
  5. Mental control is everything in every situation. “Boxing has nothing to do with aggressiveness, because actually being aggressive could work against you in the sport. In the film, we said, ‘If you lose your head, you lose the most important part of your body.’ You have to learn to remain calm and focused during stressful situations in order to prevail.”

For more insight into filming Jonathan Jakubowicz’s “Hands of Stone,” check out the full story from 24Life: “Becoming Legends.” And “Hands of Stone” will be available on Blu-Ray, DVD and On Demand starting November 22. Now available on Digital HD.


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