Do you have a lot on your plate and no idea how you’re going to manage to get everything done? Would you like to be able to let go of stress and finally relax?

Today, women have a lot on their to-do list. We find ourselves juggling home, work, family and friends. Notice our own needs aren’t on that list.

We handle everything from making sure little Suzy makes it to soccer practice to finalizing the budget report that needs to make it on the boss’s desk by Thursday.

There’s PTA meetings and bake sales, and aren’t you in charge of carpool this week?

We live in a fast-paced world full of obligations, deadlines and—mixed in there somewhere—our own dreams.

We’re crazy busy.

During these manic times, it’s easy to forget to take a few moments for ourselves and just …  (deep breath) … relax.

Relaxing and unwinding is critical for our health and happiness. It allows us to feel invigorated and productive, and also helps us to better take care of the 15 balls we are juggling in the air at the same time.

Even though a trip to the spa for a weekend of pampering would be an ahhhhhh-mazing way to de-stress, it isn’t always realistic. (OK, it’s hardly ever realistic.)

However, this list of five proven ways busy women can get rid of stress will have you unwinding while staying on top of your schedule in no time.

Editor’s note: These strategies work equally as well for men!

Do you have 60 seconds? Then you have time to relax.

One minute. That’s all the time you need to reset your stress-o-meter. Stuck in traffic? Don’t take this time to wrap up a meeting with a co-worker who is late on her deadline … again. Take this time to rest.

I’m sure you can find just 60 seconds throughout your day, somewhere. And when you do, take your hand and place it over your belly. Allow yourself to feel it expand and contract. Now breathe in through your nose, hold your breath for three counts and then slowly breathe out through your mouth. Continue this sequence for a full minute.

Tea anyone?

The next time you feel your blood start to boil over a disagreement with your spouse or a misunderstanding with your mom, reach for your teakettle.

A warm cup of green tea will help calm your bubbling nerves. As you sip your tea, release the thoughts from the previous conversation, as they are in the past, and focus on the warm tea as it fills your belly. Green tea is also full of L-theanine, which helps reduce the feeling of anger.

Head outside

Spending 10 minutes outside provides your body with a quick dose of vitamin D and fresh air. When we are inside the majority of the time, we only receive 150 to 600 lux.

However, spending some time to relax outside can provide us 100,000 lux! This can do great things for our moods. A little bit of time in nature can go a long way to reduce stress and promote relaxation.


Scent is an amazing thing. A smell alone has the ability to transport us to another place and time, and aromatherapy works the same way. Some essential-oil scents trigger relaxation responses within the body. Some of these scents include sandalwood, lavender and tea tree.

Sample different essential-oil scents until you find one that helps you feel more relaxed. Essential oils can be added to water and then diffused throughout your home. You can even carry a bottle with you for relaxation while you are on the go.

Cuddle your fur baby

Long day at work? Got into another fight with your sister? Relaxation may be no further away than your four-legged family members. Cuddling with your cat or dog releases chemicals within your body that help you relax and become happier. Animals have an amazing way of boosting self-confidence and calming frayed nerves.

Stress can wreak havoc in our lives, causing us to miss out on some amazing things. Relaxation is attainable, worth it and doesn’t take much time at all. Invest in yourself because you are worth it.

Photo credit:, Unsplash