Dating show brings contestants up close and personal in a group workout.

A dating show filmed in a gym? It happened, and we were there. Several months ago, 24Life was lucky enough to score an interview with NFL star and heart-throb Travis Kelce (read more about him in “Catch Him if you Can: NFL Star Travis Kelce Talks Life and Love”), while he was filming his recently debuted E! network dating reality show, “Catching Kelce.”

During the shoot, in addition to conducting up-close-and-personal interviews with Kelce and ultra-inspirational fitness personality and business coach Chalene Johnson (who was there to deliver the PiYo workout for the segment), 24Life also got to see the dating-show production up close and personal.

The 24Life shoot was used as the location for one of the “Catching Kelce” dates. Kelce elected to bring his top choice, Maya, (from the whittled down cast of 50 women from each of the 50 states who started the season during episode one). Maya brought along five contestants of her choosing from the cast of “Catching Kelce” to join in on the fitness challenge.

Travis Kelce shoot

The ladies arrived to 24 Hour Fitness Lake Shore Towers in Irvine, California dressed to the nines, unaware that they would soon be switching into workout clothes and getting their sweat on at a gym.

“So, pulling up to 24 Hour Fitness, I am taken aback,” Maya says. “I spent so much time on my hair and my makeup, and my boobs look great. I better not have done all this just to sweat it off.”

They then found out they would be participating in a workout commercial, in which both Kelce and the ladies learned a PiYo group fitness workout taught by the PiYo program creator herself, Chalene Johnson.

A lot of sweating, laughing and moving ensued as the ladies tried to get Kelce’s attention, and Johnson pulled out all of her tricks to make the group work extra hard. They did burpees, tuck jumps, lunges, Pilates-inspired moves, tons of planks and even had a moment to show off in partner challenges.

Chalene and TravisIn between the action, Kelce had a chance to spend alone time with most of the ladies, as they hoped to win his heart, while wiping sweat beads from their brows.

The entire scene was captured in episode two of the season and aired for the first time last night on E!.

In the end, all of the ladies were good sports and each earned a gold medal for effort in completing their PiYo group workout, while keeping their well-done hair and make-up intact.

To see the action for yourself, catch “Catching Kelce” at 9/8 p.m. Central time on Wednesdays on E! network, and find out more about the show by following Catching Kelce on Twitter.