The Power to Change

By Lashaun Dale

Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world.
–Roald Dahl

The question is not to ask those people whom you admire—and who have the results, opportunity or life that you want—how they got there. Nor is it essential to ask them how they are achieving their dreams or what they are doing differently to build the body they desire; or to enjoy jobs they love; or how it is that they are living their best life. You can ask, but the real inquiry is not about them. The question is one we must ask ourselves. What impact do we want to make in the world? What good do we wish to create and who do we need to be, day in and day out, to make this so?

To answer, it is helpful to pause, turn and look back at what brought you to this moment. Take inventory of the variety of choices, relationships, trips, meals, risks, failures and experiences that have impacted your life to date. Also take stock of all the glorious ways you have made a positive contribution to the lives of others. Is there a pattern? How do the two lists compare and feel, side by side? What gives you joy and what does not? And with that in mind, how do you want to move forward?

Often these questions can feel heavy and leave us paralyzed instead of energized, and yet they don’t have to. Introspection and self-inquiry can truly be a simple check-in with ourselves or a question that we ask ourselves each day or in each moment of our precious lives. “Ask yourself instead, ‘What would it be like to play to my edge right today, right now?’” These words from our feature celebrity coach Rha Goddess lighten up this inquiry. In posing this question, she helps us light our own path forward so we can stay true to ourselves and our dreams, do good in the world and make our lives—and a living—along the way.

One of Rha Goddess’s golden tips is to always start the day with sacred “me” time and stay rested. It’s hard to change your behavior, let alone the world, without a steadfast commitment to a good night of sleep. Speaking of dreams, they come in all shapes and sizes, and the journey for each of us is incredible and unique. Take our resident Next Olympic Hopeful Fabian Griffith, who shares what it feels like to dare to dream while chasing and training for his goals. Check out his workout if you want to train like an Olympian. And for all of you with a secret digital gaming obsession, we have your next hack with our first of many explorations into the world of esports and pro-gamers, starting with our new favorite team, San Francisco Shock.

Along the way, plan to press “play” on our spring workouts, designed to get you back into motion and connected to your goals. Dive deep into a few topics that matter to your success, including what you eat, the role of massage in self-care and how to best manage finances, including a real-life plan to get out of debt that works for everyone.

Last but not least, we cannot in good faith make a full-blown inquiry into our impact on the world, without considering the impact on Mother Earth and the conversation of climate change.  This month, like all months, the climate remains on our minds.  We didn’t feel we could do justice in a single article or even a single magazine, so please join us on 24life.com for our new Fit on Earth Series which launches on Earth Day, April 22.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to bring transformational ideas, incredible voices, new moves and lifechanging practices so you can discover and uncover what you need to move forward and to get the results you want.

With full gratitude and inspiration,


Video & photo credit: GIC, Stocksy


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Lashaun Dale

Lashaun Dale loves yoga and fitness and finds magic in movement, music and mobs of people. She holds degrees in International Relations, Philosophy and Applied Anthropology, as well as an MPH from the School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York. With two decades of group fitness programming experience, Dale is former editor-in-chief of 24Life magazine, a regular contributor to SELF and Women’s Health and Fitness, as well as popular blogs and podcasts. She’ll teach yoga anytime she is given an opportunity to get her om on.