Hustle Less, Live More

    By Lashaun Dale

Apparently, even superheroes need rest and recovery—or at least the godlike humans that play them do. And what a relief. Too many people we know or meet are stressed out, overwhelmed, catching up, sleep deprived, feeling hungry and generally not in high-performance mode.  That’s not good for them, not good for our work and not good for their contribution in the world.

And it’s not fun—at least not for the long run. Who wants to live a life of hustle if it simply leads to burnout and less-than-optimal results? Not me, and luckily not you. There’s a new game and it’s all about well-ness: Going to the well for more energy, more vitality and for new perspective on how to show up better than ever and ready to rock the day. It’s all about hustling well.

So just in time for spring, comes the March issue of 24Life. We’re feeling aches and pains, we’re undernourished—and worried we are not going to be able to keep up as we come out of a long winter. Consider this issue of 24Life a permission slip to take a spring break, with just what you need to reset. You’ll find inspiration from actor Chris Hemsworth, author and meditation expert Emily Fletcher, and documentary producer Kelly Noonan. There’s also food for thought that might nourish you more than the rigors of a diet, and workouts to limber you up for more activity and turn up the heat on your cardio routine.

This is your month to take your power back, give it a self-care polish and then get back up and go. One technique shared almost unanimously by our experts and contributors is meditation. Meditation, mindfulness, mindset training—none of these practices are hard to do and they don’t have to be complicated. Lack of time and energy are just two of the excuses and stories we tell ourselves that hold us back. And just like everything health and fitness, you can discover a practice that you like and that fits you and your lifestyle. Whatever it is, make March the month that you commit to claiming mediation for yourself. See you on the well-side!

~ Lashaun

Photo by: BONNINSTUDIO, Stocksy


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Lashaun Dale

Lashaun Dale loves yoga and fitness and finds magic in movement, music and mobs of people. She holds degrees in International Relations, Philosophy and Applied Anthropology, as well as an MPH from the School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York. With two decades of group fitness programming experience, Dale is former editor-in-chief of 24Life magazine, a regular contributor to SELF and Women’s Health and Fitness, as well as popular blogs and podcasts. She’ll teach yoga anytime she is given an opportunity to get her om on.