4 steps toward the energy and body you want.

Spring is right around the corner! The days are finally growing longer, and new life is blooming all around. This time of year, it’s as if Mother Nature gives us a fresh start.

You might be gearing up for a day of organizing around the house, packing up your heaviest knit sweaters and switching the daily hot latte over to cold brew.

But have you thought about giving your mind and body a good spring cleaning, too?

As the season changes (and bikini weather creeps in), take advantage of the opportunity to do a little detoxing of your own.

And no, I’m not talking about the Master Cleanse, fasting, juicing all your meals, headaches, emergency bathroom runs, crankiness and all those other unpleasant things you typically associate with detoxifying your body. These methods are only quick fixes that won’t work for you long term.

Simply put, detoxing isn’t what you think it is!

So sit back, forget everything you thought you knew about detoxing, and let me share a whole new way to boost your energy and get the healthy body you crave without depravation or starvation.

Demystifying detoxing

I used to be on a mission to lose weight and be skinny. I feel like I tried everything under the sun to have the body of my dreams. I tried a bunch of cleanses and detox programs that never really seemed to work for very long. I never felt 100 percent fulfilled.

Basically, I was completely clueless about how this whole detox thing worked.

Once I started learning about nutrition and my own body, I found out that our bodies always try to stay in balance. They want to be healthy, well and function properly. Depriving myself of good, healthy food wasn’t exactly helping me out. It just dragged me down. So I knew that these cleanses just had to go.

Long story short, my life did a total 180! I looked and felt so much better, and I didn’t have to starve myself or juice to get that way.

The first step in getting a body that functions properly and is happy is cleansing and detoxifying.

OK, so what is detoxing really?

Detoxing is simply a systematic approach to helping your body remove toxins stored in its body fat, tissues and organs.

I like to define it as “lifestyle changes that reduce the exposure of toxins while nourishing and supporting the body’s own abilities to improve digestion and elimination.” Simple, right? It actually is.

That doesn’t mean juicing yourself to oblivion or making weird drinks that promise to flush out your system.

These methods are cheap, quick fixes and can do more harm than good to your amazing body. Basically, they don’t work.

Kick-start your detox

  • Eat whole, plant-based foods.
    This means no processed foods and nothing that comes in a can or a box. So those protein bars, granola bars and canned fruits have got to go.
  • Buy organic.
    Conventionally grown foods are covered in pesticides and other toxins, which makes detoxing kind of pointless when you think about it. Buying organic food ensures that you won’t be digesting these pesky pesticides or harming your body.
  • Drink lots of water.
    Have as many glasses of water as you can a day, and make sure it’s filtered water so you’re drinking the cleanest. Water is one of the easiest ways you can start flushing out your system because it’s so readily available. Not only does it clean your body, but it also keeps you hydrated, manages your weight and can give you clearer skin. As a bonus tip, drink a warm cup of water with some freshly squeezed lemon in the morning to get a jump-start on your detox. It’s healthy and refreshing!
  • Avoid toxic chemicals in your personal-care products.
    Unfortunately, we’re surrounded by chemicals, but you can reduce your exposure to these toxins by buying products with natural ingredients in them. They get the job done just as well without hurting your body or the environment.

As you start making better choices about the food you eat and how you live, use your body’s clues to observe the changes that are taking place.

As you can see, I said nothing about starving yourself or limiting yourself to only juices or shakes for days at a time. Those gimmicks don’t work long term.

Changes in your diet and lifestyle can trigger all kinds of reactions, so remember to be patient and simply observe the process. What, at first, is out of the ordinary, may quickly turn and become a new state of calm, control and clarity unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Little steps = big changes

Remember, transforming how you eat and think is a whole-body lifestyle change. It’s not a “lose weight fast” technique, a “magic bullet” or a program you follow for seven days and then go back to life as you know it today.

If you eat clean food and even exercise regularly and then return to your old eating and living habits, you are simply putting a Band-Aid on the problem rather than trying to fix it. Your hard work will be for nothing.

My goal for you is to show you how wonderful your life can truly be—how healthy you can feel, how much energy you can have, how much better your skin and hair can look, and how easy it is to maintain your ideal weight.

I hope you carry this information into a bright, new season full of energy, clean space, a healthy mind and body, and continued growth.

Here’s to fresh starts!

Photo credit: Death to the Stock Photo