What would you do if you had the chance to ask more than 400 of the world’s most high-performing humans their secrets for living a more high-impact life?

If you’re Dave Asprey, you would gather the wisdom from this collection of sages, savants and specialists and compile it into a new book: “Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life” (Harper Wave, 2018).

Asprey, the entrepreneur and self-described “biohacker” who is known to his multitude of fans as the brains behind the Bulletproof brand of nutrition and lifestyle products, has interviewed a veritable potpourri of pundits on his popular Bulletproof Radio podcast. The curated counsel from this assortment of physicians, shamans, scientists, athletes, nutritionists, neuroscientists, Navy SEALs and more form the basis for “Game Changers.”

“How different would your life be if you were even just a little smarter, faster and happier? You would gain the power not just to change your own life but to move the needle forward for the rest of humanity,” Asprey says. “The wisdom in these pages represents hundreds of thousands of man-and-woman-hours of study, experiments and results. These are the things that no one taught you in school, the real secrets straight from the people who have succeeded in the fields they’ve mastered.”

More practical reference tool than prose narrative, “Game Changers” is arranged into 46 “laws,” each of which highlights a central idea for upgrading the human experience. Each law is supported by anecdotes, research and recommendations from relevant subject-matter experts. And to ensure the “laws” translate advice into action, each section concludes with tangible next steps and suggestions for additional reading to help you make steady progress toward the actualization of your “superhero self.”

Asprey covers a lot of ground in this human performance tome—everything from how to get better sleep, better sex, a better body and more, all as part of the larger goal of attaining a better self. A sampling of the “laws” according to “Game Changers” includes the following:

Law #2 – Never Discover Who You Are

“To change the world, tap into your strengths, but do not passively discover who you are. Actively decide and create who you are. If you abdicate this duty by allowing others to tell you who to be, you will struggle greatly in life and likely fail to achieve greatness. So discover your passion and follow it, but do it as the person you create. The difference is a life of mediocrity and creeping misery compared to a life of freedom and passion.” This chapter includes the expertise of Brendon Burchard, author, founder of the High Performance Academy and host of The Charged Life podcast, as well as other performance coaches.   

Law #19 – Waking Up Earlier Does Not Make You a Good Person

“There is no morality in waking up early or staying up late. There is a huge amount of power in finding out when you sleep best and then building your life so that you can sleep.” This chapter is augmented by expertise and research from Michael Breus, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, best-selling author and well-known sleep expert.

Law #27 – Feed the Little Bastards in Your Gut

“The bacteria in your gut control a lot more than you might imagine. They have the power to make you fat, tired and slow, to give you extra energy to tap into new power, and even to make you depressed. They are in the driver’s seat, and if you treat them poorly, your performance will suffer. When you treat them well, they will serve you. Learn how to make them do your bidding.” This chapter features insights from Dr. David Perlmutter, author and expert in the area of gut microbiome.

 Law #32 – You Can Put a Price Tag on Happiness

“Once your basic needs have been met, focus your energy on doing great things that matter deeply to you. Making more money beyond a basic financial safety threshold does not substantially increase happiness or joy. So roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to know you’ve got your bases covered, then swing for the fences.” This chapter combines the wisdom of Genpo Roshi, a Zen priest and teacher of Zen Buddhism, along with anecdotes from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have found both wealth and happiness.

“Game Changers” is an easy read, infused with the authentic passion Asprey brings to the topic of personal transformation and the respect he has for the teachers and experts who have influenced him over the years. You can open the book to any page and find information and encouragement about how to uplevel your performance in the game of life. “Game Changers” is available for purchase at Bulletproof.com, where you can receive a bonus free digital audio download with the book. Or you can buy just the book from Amazon.

“I have left no stone unturned in my obsessive mission to discover the simplest and most effective things I could do to become a better version of myself,” Asprey says. “My journey has taken me from anti-aging facilities to the offices of neuroscientists to monasteries in Tibet. The more of us who take advantage of this knowledge, the more we can redefine what it means to be human. I invite you to join me in this game-changing effort.”

Speaking of joining Asprey, you can meet him along with other game-changing experts at Upgrade XP, April 5-7, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California. This annual biohacking conference is devoted to personal transformation, and it will feature inspirational keynotes, workshops, interactive demonstrations and more. For additional information, click here.

Photo credit: Mark Kuroda, kurodastudios.com; courtesy of Dave Asprey