These days, everyone seems to be on top of their game. “Crushing it” … “making it happen” … living their “best life” on social media.

Yet you feel stuck, anxious, and frustrated. And maybe (just maybe) a little jealous.

Is something holding you back from the success you want and deserve? Do you feel like you’re not where you want to be at this stage of your career? Like your success has plateaued?

Are you beginning to wonder if deeper relationships are ever in the cards for you?

Rewrite history by rewriting your stories

What if you could rewrite history by rewriting the stories that are keeping you stuck?

We are all storytellers. Stories are the way we make sense of our lives. In fact, our entire history is just a collection of stories.

But what happens when the stories we tell are not complete or just wrong? We get (and stay) stuck.

It’s OK to not be OK with where you are in life. It’s painful to stay stuck, going through the motions, always ending up back where you started.

But everyone knows if nothing changes, nothing changes. You must be a doer.

You’ll continue to feel like you’re not good enough, like others are better and more accomplished.

You’ll keep seeing others doing what you want to do and think, “That should be me.”

Your anxiety, pain, and frustration will continue or gets worse. You’ll keep starting and stopping, searching for answers to a better life that never comes.

Or you can choose to do something different.

You can do something different

How would you feel if you always had the confidence to do anything—unapologetically?

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through, you can create a life, career, and relationships that are so good you’re jealous of yourself—starting right now.

Discover the stuck story that’s holding you back by taking this stuck story assessment——and finally discover the story you’ve written, the traits that your story might be hiding (even from yourself), and how you can begin rewriting history, right now.

Photo credit: Brad Neathery, Unsplash