Five fashionable and functional ways to stay hydrated this summer.

When it comes to fitness, we’re fans of functional items that keep us on-track. (Think step trackers, Bluetooth headphones and so on.) And with the weather getting warmer, anything that makes remembering to drink water and avoiding dehydration just a little bit easier is on our must-have list. Here are a few cool H2O totes to check out, whether you’re an avid runner or dedicated gym-goer—or anything in-between.

For the office

Artificial intelligence is taking over just about everything—including tracking and monitoring your daily water intake. Spring, an AI water bottle, logs your water consumption throughout the day, calculating your hydration needs based on a number of factors, including your activity levels, sleep states, monthly cycle and stress levels. You never have to charge it, and it’s dishwasher safe (major bonus points). And, as if that weren’t enough, it will also send you reminders during the day to drink up when you just haven’t hit your marks—no wonder the waiting list for order one of these BPA free, glass bottles is hundreds deep.

For the outdoorsman

When you’re hiking or camping, you typically don’t have a lot of room to carry around bulky items, like plastic water bottles. And when it comes to being outdoors, it’s hard to keep things clean. Bubi Bottle is a safe, reusable water bottle that you can roll up when you’re done with it, saving storage space in your backpack. It’s also made from silicone, and is BPA and microbial free—but if you’re not sure of just how sanitary it is after a backpacking trip, you can flip it inside out and stick it in the dishwasher. This multipurpose bottle is an ideal traveling companion—boil water in it over a fire, freeze it for an ice pack—it won’t dent or crack, leaving you with one less thing to worry about (like bears).

For the runner

For many runners, carrying a water bottle while running is out of the question—it’s heavy and awkward and ties up your hands. Even clip on bottles tend to bounce around, causing discomfort or general annoyance. FlipBelt Water Bottles come with a fabric “belt” designed to fit around your lower back/waist. The flattened bottle (which is contoured to fit against your body) slips in and out of a hidden horizontal pocket, with no leakage and easy access—keeping your back cool as you jog. Pretty soon you’ll be running just to show off your new accessory.

For the gym rat

Ever set your water bottle down by the rowing machine and forget to bring it with you to the chest press machine a few seats over? Yeah, we’ve all done it. But what if you’re phone and water bottle were inseparable? Enter Phone Storage Workout Bottle. With a slot for your phone (compatible with iPhone 6 or 7), credit cards and cash, plus a twist-off bottom so you can still connect your headphones, this bottle is a wallet and water container all in one. And it’s BPA free, leak-proof and dishwasher safe. You’ll never forget your H2O at the gym again.

For the minimalist

Tired of lugging your gym bag around and not using half the contents in it? The Mobot is a water bottle/foam roller in one, so your muscles can stay hydrated and massaged no matter where you go—gym, park or work—no gym bag necessary. And, since water and foam rolling go hand in hand, this two-in-one will keep your muscles in peak-performance shape. Water keeps muscle tissue pliable, allowing rolling to smooth out any aches or pains before or after your sweat sesh. So, all you have to do is grab your Mobot, and roll out to the gym. (See what we did there?)

Photo credit: kieferpix, Thinkstock