Daily Burn’s Barre Harmony ups the intensity.

I’ve taken barre classes for years, and now that it’s trending, there are no shortage of barre—and barreless—options. But class times—and studio prices—don’t always fit my needs, and besides, I am a total streamaholic. So it seemed like an obvious choice to check out Daily Burn Barre Harmony. I tried this new class at home, using a sturdy chair as the barre, and put together some tips and tricks for barre beginners and experts alike.

Barre Harmony overview

Daily Burn’s version of a barre class is a six-week program that combines ballet, yoga and Pilates to target every muscle in your body in a super effective workout, available through the Daily Burn streaming platform.

What beginners need to know

Even if you’re a barre buff, be sure to start with the Barre Beginner Tutorial Video. As a barre enthusiast, I know how important alignment is in this type of workout. I also know that it’s one of the more difficult things to master. This six-minute tutorial video gives a great demo of how to find your alignment and engage your core, often called a “tuck.” The tuck refers to rolling your hips under, while maintaining a neutral, upright spine.

This video also covers first, second, plié and relevé positions, the most common movements in ballet, dance and barre classes. Taking the time to watch and follow this quick video will ensure an effective workout and eliminate the intimidation factor if you’re new to the format.

What a typical class is like

After I completed the tutorial, next up on the schedule was the Full Body Tone session. This class was just the right amount of intensity to get the program off to a strong start, and at only 38 minutes, I was able to fit it in after work, and before a dinner party. Other classes on the schedule include Dancer’s Cardio and Lower Body Pulse 1. Most videos in this program range from 25 to 35 minutes.

The moves

Shaking is good! That “tuck” I mentioned earlier is the foundation of several movements in a barre workout and if you’re committed to staying in that tuck, you’ll start to shake. This means your body is changing and getting stronger. Although uncomfortable at first, it’s important to focus on your muscles, and resist coming out of position. I also found it inspiring and reassuring that the instructor, Becca, was also shaking and quivering right along with me!

Don’t forget your water: You may think that you’re getting away with something by taking a fitness class in your living room, but believe me, Barre Harmony is no joke. You will work up a sweat, and staying hydrated is important. Prepare in the same way you would any other workout: fully fueled, with water handy.

The ratings

  • Intensity – 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being super hard.
  • Sweat factor – 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being drenched.
  • Impact – None.
  • Cardio – Some moments of active cardio.
  • Strength – Yes: core, leg and balance training.
  • Flexibility – Yes: quite a bit.
  • Pace – Easy to follow.
  • Equipment – A sturdy chair.
  • Length – On average, 25-35 minutes.
  • Suggested attire – Close-fitting clothing like tanks and leggings that won’t ride up or roll around. Bare feet.

Benefits of Barre Harmony

If you’re wondering whether Barre Harmony is right for you, here’s what you could get out of it:

  • All-over toning
  • Increased core strength
  • Improved posture
  • Improved balance
  • Access to Barre Harmony and more than 600 streaming workouts (for the cost of a couple lattes if you’re a 24 Hour Fitness member).

Daily Burn offers a 30-day free trial, and is offered at an even greater discount to 24 Hour Fitness members, to help keep their focus on fitness and achieve results whether they are inside or outside of the club. Visit www.dailyburn.com/24hourfitness to sign up!

Photo credit: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn