Three lifestyle experts celebrate the moms in their lives.

Have you bought flowers for the most special woman in your life yet? You know, your mom. In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we asked three celebrity lifestyle experts who influence millions of people every day to share what they love most about and the tremendous impact the moms in their lives have had on them.

“Mothers have special powers. When I met my wife, and now mother of my children, she had been told by doctors that she was unable to have kids. She believed them, because she was a doctor too. But we wanted kids, so after a lot of research, we devised a plan of lifestyle changes that included a specific focus on food, with the goal of turning on fertility and successfully having children. I did all the shopping and cooking for her, and conducted a lot of the research that would eventually become our first book. But even with all the effort I contributed, only she could be the mom. It was amazing to see how much work it was for her body to create a baby, and even more amazing for me to be there to catch each of my kids as they were finally born. Any man who has witnessed that understands that mothers deserve celebrating—and not just on Mother’s Day. Each day, as we tuck our children in, we ask them three things they are grateful for that day. Just about every night, they answer, ‘my mommy.’ I couldn’t agree with them more.” Dave Asprey

“All my life women have been clearing forests for me to be the best at what I do. First, my mom and then my wife, Dawn; both are just the fiercest women I know. Dawn has been fighting for my dreams since the day we met, and now she fights for our kids’ dreams too. I always tell my clients, ‘You’ve got to get a Dawn,’ meaning you’ve got to have someone who provides the safety needed to go out there and lay it all on the line. That’s what she’s done for me and I’m so grateful.” –Bo Eason

“My mother is my superhero. It’s a 24-hour life role. Gratitude to all the amazing women who believe in us, care for us and inspire us to be our best. Thank you for the capes you wear.” –Jim Kwik





Photo credit (top to bottom): Liderina, Thinkstock; Mark Kuroda,; Todd Domenic Cribari, (2).