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I Used the Hypervolt for a Week and It Changed My Recovery Game

As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and health and wellness editor, I know as well as anyone how important...


Dr. Sara Gottfried Talks About How Achieving Brain/Body Balance Can Lead to Overall Wellness

You work out regularly and try to eat a healthy diet, but the scale isn’t budging, or maybe you’re feeling anxious...


Nootropics: More You for More Impact

Neurohacker Collective believes that the starting place for healthy behavior is making the brain work better. Their dietary supplements called nootropics are formulated to improve brain performance (and help us get out of the way of our own goals).

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Massage 101: The Myth and the Magic

Licensed massage therapist Stacy Stevens educates us about the therapeutic benefits of massage.


Fit for Impact: Stories That Inspire You To Move

24Life covers the benefits that physical training has on mindset, the impact that mental fortitude has on motivation, and the momentum that comes from taking a first step.


Jorge Cruise’s Top Tips, Foods and Methods for Recovery

Recovery and rest are incredibly important for our fitness and health. So we sat down with celebrity health and wellness expert...


News Flash: Dirty Kale, A Pain-Free Existence And Toxic Positivity

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire.This week, we look...


Follow This Guided Breathing Meditation to Help You Realize Everything Is (or Will Be) OK

Tragedy can strike us all at any time. We can have an accident, receive a serious diagnosis or have a relationship...


Rest: Your Secret Ingredient to Results and Seven Natural Ways to Get More of It

Do you take getting enough rest seriously? We live in an age where being on the go, pushing through the day...


This Unbelievable Research on Human Hibernation Could Get Us to Mars

Journeying to Mars is seldom out of the news these days. From Elon Musk releasing plans for his new rocket to...


Five Signs You’re Overtraining and Five Antidotes

It’s great to be ambitious. It’s awesome that you’re a go-getter. Those lofty stretch goals? Excellent pursuits. But when your drive...


Go From Sweaty to Ready With These (Natural) Post-Workout Refreshers

You work out five days a week. You eat clean and plant-based. You foam-roll and hydrate and do everything you’re supposed...


Kelly Noonan Has Proof That You Hold the Power to Heal

Kelly Noonan has long been fascinated by the universe and the human body.


A 30-Minute De-Stress Does More, With Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher dispels myths and confusion that keep us from giving meditation a try or experiencing its benefits.


Seven Workouts for Seven Moods

Whether you’re angry, nervous or riddled with excitement, there’s no mood a great sweat session can’t help shake or soothe.


How Self-Love Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Whether we’re high-power execs or stay-at-home moms, self-criticism is a tendency that many people have. In fact, we often think of self-criticism as...


Ruby Warrington: Give Up Alcohol, Gain Intimacy

You survived Valentine’s Day. There is a sweetness in the promise of roses, chocolate and a bottle of wine shared with...


Three Steps to Resolving Problems With Anyone in Your Life

Here’s a line I’m sure you’ve heard (or said) before: “If it weren’t for people, I’d get a lot more done.”...


Master This Move: Recovery Breathing

Most breathing techniques focus on yoga, stress management or meditation. But we can use breathing techniques to help us get the...

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Terri Cole: Making Love Work

Romcom culture makes happily ever after look effortless, but is love really that simple? Psychotherapist and relationship expert Terri Cole shows us how to invest our time and attention to develop deep and sustaining relationships - starting with ourselves.

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Ariel Kiley: Self Worth Is Your Most Important Investment

We sat down with Ariel Kiley—yoga teacher, transformational guide and expert on conscious money practices—to talk about how a secure relationship with your finances is a sound investment in your own self-worth.


Setting Boundaries and Disrupting Stress With Michelle Garside of Soul Camp

In the hustle and bustle of the new year, finding time for self-care, like working out or accomplishing other personal goals...


News Flash: Your Brain Off Facebook, Extreme Cold and Your Body, and Other Health News

Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we...


Want to Change Your Life? Evaluate Your Relationship With Your Parents

As much as I’m always working on you, you should know, I am also working on myself, too. Recently, something happened...


Dr. Jack Kreindler: Using Big Data to Track the Cure for Cancer

Dr. Jack Kreindler is just as interested in the journey toward a cure for cancer as he is in the cure...


Katy Bowman Shares Two Ways to Reframe Your Resolutions

The term “resolution”—which crops up sometime around December 1 and disappears before January 31—carries an immense amount of baggage for many of us.


Four Mindfulness Sessions That Will Improve Your Life

These days, more and more people are awakening to the concept of mindfulness and learning how simple meditation can return dividends on all sorts of levels.


Dr. Joan Rosenberg Gives You 90 Seconds to a Better You in 2019

Each January, we strive to become a better version of ourselves—one that eats healthier, works out more, drinks less and saves more money.


Winter Solstice: Transform Self-Care to Soul Care and Rituals to Prepare You for the New Year

Michelle Garside knows something about taking an ordinary day, adding a little intention, mixing in a serving of playfulness, and thus...