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Eight Tips For Better Sleep From Fitness Experts

The facts are in: Adequate sleep is crucial to crushing just about any other goal. Whether you’re looking to build strength,...


Understanding Mobility and the Importance of Movement Preparation

To borrow from the late efficiency expert Stephen Covey, no one ever plans to fail, they simply fail to plan. Originally...


What You Need to Know About Post-Exercise Recovery

For a natural bodily process, post-exercise recovery has become downright trendy. Just consider Instagram, on which lifestyle luminaries tout gadgets and...


Seven Self-Care Stretches Before Bed

Anytime is the perfect moment to refresh your bedtime routine, whether the time has changed, the seasons have changed, a new...


The Musical Soul of 2019

While every year is a good year for music, some seem better than others. To rephrase, 2019 was an amazing year...


Healing Starts With You, Says Kelly Noonan Gores

“You are not a helpless victim,” says wellness luminary Kelly Noonan Gores, author of the new book “Heal: Discover Your Unlimited...


Saving Grace—3 Winter Solstice Rituals To Restore Sanity In A Busy Schedule

The last thing you need right now in the middle of a busy and expedited holiday season is yet another thing...


The Misconceptions Around Massage

Ever been told a massage will help after a particularly brutal workout? Or maybe you’ve heard that massage increases your joint...


Kalina Salvador: An Abundance of Strength Begins With a Breath

After a week of high fever and convulsions that left her unable to grip anything in her hands, Kalina Salvador said a prayer from her hospital bed: If she recovered, she would find a way to give back.


Cassandra Bodzak on Holidays With Intention

Healthy living guru Cassandra Bodzak helps her clients overcome negative self-talk and disordered eating so that they can learn to appreciate and trust their own bodies.


Chip Conley Makes the Case for Wisdom—Cultivating and Sharing It

When Chip Conley was 26, he started Joie de Vivre Hospitality, which would eventually become the second-largest boutique hotel company in the U.S.

Mindful healthy mature woman practicing yoga meditation at home Regeneration

Can meditation really slow aging?

It’s seven in the morning on the beach in Santa Monica, California. The low sun glints off the waves and the...


One Man’s Trek for Quiet

Gordon Hempton hits a fever pitch when he talks about recording quiet places. The acoustic ecologist likens his work to that...


Soulful Success—Is It Possible? Publicist Tanya Khani Says Yes.

Tanya Khani, known in most exclusive media circles as the Soulful Publicist, is the public relations representative of choice to wellness thought leaders, social impact leaders and wellness brands across the world.


Slow Down, Beauty

There is a small segment of the beauty industry that focuses on the holistic nature of, well, everything and teaches that beauty is not something to be found like some treasure in a bottle.


Why Exhaustion Is Not Unique to Our Overstimulated Age

Many sociologists, psychologists and cultural critics argue that the rapid spread of exhaustion syndromes such as depression, stress and burnout are consequences of modernity and its challenges.


What to Do When Being “Bendy” Becomes a Problem

As someone who spent a decade performing yoga poses, most people would take one look at my photos and covet my...

self care is health care Regeneration

Why You Need to Make Time for Self Care

While the term “self care” may lead some to roll their eyes, it’s one of the most important habits we can...


Dr. Amy Killen: The Regenerative Power of Stem Cells

Dr. Amy Killen knows firsthand the importance of a healthy lifestyle as preventative medicine.


GX24 Instructor Maggie Chen Pays It Forward After Dropping 60 Pounds

“Someone gave me a corporate membership, and I was thinking, How could I even walk into that gym? I’m more than 60 pounds overweight,” Maggie Chen says.


An Ayurvedic Approach to Season Change

Ayurveda tells us that human beings are merely a microcosm of the macrocosm—a smaller part of the greater whole.


Bo Eason: How Top Performers use Sunday to Rock Monday

So many people start the week with complete dread—as the song goes, just another manic Monday. Worse, the Monday dread starts to seep...


A Fall Equinox Ritual with Aarona Lea

We’re so excited to share an exclusive and empowering fall equinox ritual from Aarona Lea, yoga teacher and author/co-creator of ‘The...


Seven Moves From Ariel Kiley to Attune to Your Inner Purpose

Intuition. Your gut. Instinct—whatever you choose to call it, we all possess an inner-guidance system that knows what is best for...


The Four Keys to Strength and Muscle Building

Let’s take a step back from specific strategies and break down the high-level principles behind truly epic levels of muscle building.


Meet Elena Brower

A mama, student, teacher, speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur, Elena Brower has had her hands in a steady stream of creative, meaningful projects.


Jennifer Pastiloff Gets You

We sat down with Jennifer Pastiloff to discuss her best-selling book and how she came to realize that her most valuable asset was her most honest self.

Woman in Les Mills gear close up performing a plank Regeneration

How to Train Hard and Stay Injury-Free

So you’re riding high with your training regimen—lapping up the fitness gains and relishing the endorphin highs that go with regular...

Tiffany Cruikshank sitting on yoga mat next to orange foam roller Regeneration

Three Moves for Fascial Health With a Foam Roller

Your fascial health is so important for performance, recovery and resilience, and to resist injury during training. Below are three moves...

man swimming in pool with swimcap and goggles Regeneration

Five Benefits of Mobility Training for Swimmers and Six Mobility Movements to Add to Your Fitness Routine

Unless you’re one of the lucky few to have won the ever-elusive lottery, you probably have to work for a living....