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How to Meal Prep

Plan and prepare food for the week ahead of time with these tips in mind. Your weeknights are already a juggling...

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Five Things That Happen When You Start Eating Healthy

Great living and fitness start in the kitchen. Nutrition is the cornerstone of everything we do. We need nutrient-rich food to...


What’s Cooking in Rio: Unique Dining and Local Favorites

I was lucky enough to travel to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. While I was there, in addition to watching world-class...


Five Snacks to Maximize Your Energy

Maintain your energy and maximize your workout with these guilt-free snacks. Exercise is one of the best things you can do...


What Supercentenarians Eat to Live Long

Supercentenarians (generally people who live past 110) almost always get asked what kind of foods they eat.  But if you expect...


How to Tailor Post-Workout Nutrition to Your Goals

Go-to foods to optimize your body’s regeneration after a workout. The food you consume is just as important as exercise for...


Making New Favorites with Plant-Based Milks

Dina Cheney considers the plant-based milks that provide the best flavors and textures for fresh and innovative recipes as well as...


Iced vs. Hot Coffee: The Buzz Comparison

Drinking an iced coffee on a hot day, but not feeling your usual buzz? You’re not crazy. Other than just the...


Focus on High Returns

Use this concept to make wise choices and change how you feel and perform.


Learn About the New Milks

Plant-based milks offer options that dairy doesn’t.


Celebrate National Blueberry Month with These Recipes

July is National Blueberry Month. Check out these creative uses for this tiny blue superfood. In honor of National Blueberry Month,...


Why you should hydrate more

Drinking enough water every day is critical for your circulation, metabolism, temperature regulation and waste removal, but Americans, particularly children and...


Eat more nuts

The evidence that nuts are life extenders continues to mount.  Dutch researchers have found that a handful of peanuts per day...


Healthier Alternatives to
Traditional Fourth of July Fare

Ditch the hot dogs, potato salad and apple pie for some much-better-for-you alternatives. In the U.S., Fourth of July means fireworks,...


Ways to Fit Protein into
Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore, find protein-packed foods for your diet. No matter which particular diet you choose...


What Inspires Celebrity Nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella

Celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella has appeared on numerous TV programs, has been featured in many popular magazines and is a best-selling...


Five Ways to Stay Hydrated
This Summer

Now that we’re finally kicking off summer, let’s talk about how to stay safe and healthy while you’re working up a sweat—even if it’s just lounging by the pool. The main way your body cools itself is through sweat. As sweat evaporates from your body, it takes some of the heat with it. Unfortunately, our body cannot store vast reserves of water or electrolytes. To keep up this cooling system, you must continue to consume water and electrolytes—or risk heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


A Hunger That Needs More Than Food

Cynthia Pasquella helps you discover what you’re really hungry for – and fixes your relationship with food.

Plant-based protein Nourishment

Packing on Lean Muscle with
Plant-Based Nutrition

Efficient muscles and visually impressive muscles can both benefit from a similar plant-based diet.


Cooking Up Satisfaction

Try these tastes from Cynthia Pasquella


Behind the label: Protein Bars

The nutrition of protein and the flavor and texture of a candy bar — what more (or less) could you ask for? Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume takes a closer look.

The word sugar written into a pile of sugar Nourishment

Eyes on Sugar: What You Should Know About the FDA’s New Nutrition Labels

This week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released new requirements for nutrition labels on packaged foods — ultimately changing...


Healthier Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Enjoy the fiesta with these better-for-you dishes and tips.


Are carbs making us uglier?

How our ancestral switch from a Paleolithic diet of meat to one based on carbs hasn’t just made us less healthy.


Are fish oil pills effective?

Omega-3s are known to be great for your brain and heart, and according to Forbes, Americans spent more than $6 billion...


A hot food good for your health

A slew of recent research is pointing to hot chilis as a surprising superfood that reduces cravings, prevents liver damage and...


The Top 8 Foods to Boost Your Energy

Author and former professional Ironman Brendan Brazier shares his favorite healthy foods.


Cook Up Some Energy with Brendan Brazier

Recipes for energy all day long.


Healthy Easter Recipes

Host an allergy-friendly, picky-eater-approved healthy gathering everyone in the family can enjoy.


Avoiding Hitting a Wall this Race Season

Brendan Brazier explains why mid-workout fueling is essential.