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Tiny and Full for Life With Jorge Cruise

Ideas and insight for conscious living from a renowned and loved fitness celebrity. Jorge Cruise is a fitness expert, weight-loss coach,...

dry january Nourishment

New Year No-Booze Challenge: Why Go Dry This January

Holidays are often heavy on the drinking. This January, do the opposite. We’re all human, which is why vices shouldn’t necessarily...


Make a Smooth Transition

From overindulgent holiday meals to something healthier in 24 minutes – or less!


From Vegetarians to Meat Evangelists

How one couple’s Paleo conversion has shaken up the sports nutrition business.


Feed Your Soul

Focus on becoming more of you, instead of less, and break the cycle of dieting that has nothing to do with food.


Here’s What Happens When You Eat in Silence

Discover the four ways your body experiences food without ambient noise.


Paleo Power

Q&A with best-selling Paleo cookbook author Danielle Walker.


Fitness in the Kitchen With Jorge Cruise

These are the real answers you need to kick off the New Year.


Holiday Cocktails from Around the World

If you want to get a taste of the locale while you’re traveling this season, head to a hotel bar for...


Three Healthier Takes on Christmas Recipes from Around the World

You can indulge in a little extra holiday cheer with these healthier alternatives inspired by global cuisine. There is no shortage...


Six Tips to Avoid Holiday Overeating

Being surrounded by loved ones and holiday spirit makes it hard not to indulge, 24Life is here to help. Brace yourself....


9 Billion Served

By the year 2051, more than 9 billion people will call Earth home, and feeding that population will become a major...


Is Your Body Craving this Magic Mineral?

Find out how magnesium can support your fitness goals and improve your overall health. It’s been called the single most important...


1 Conference, 12 Experts, 24+ Trends to Watch

Slowing down aging. Reversing chronic disease. Erasing pain.


Learn About the Super Greens

Good things — like protein — come in small packages.


Please Your Palate, Nourish Your Soul

Cooking with fresh autumn produce adds an extra dash of pleasure to your everyday nourishment.


Enjoy Your Food for Better Health

Good nutrition is easier — and more pleasurable — than you might think.


Drink Up Some Holiday Cheer

Cooking with fresh autumn produce adds an extra dash of pleasure to your everyday nourishment.


Can Collagen Turn Back the Clock on Your Skin?

Some buzzworthy health trends turn out to be flops, but when it comes to collagen – well, it’s a beneficial supplement...


#IIFYM: A Focus on Macronutrients

IIFYM isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a way of life. Tracking your macros could be the game-changer for your fit lifestyle....

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Wipe the Slate Clean: How to Cure Your Sugar Hangover

Celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella tells 24Life how to bounce back after a Halloween sugar overload. Halloween is officially behind us, and...


Fall in Love with Infused Iced Tea

Check out these six infused iced tea recipes this fall. There’s nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of iced tea...

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Food Labels 101: What to Look for

Make your next trip to the grocery store easier and healthier by knowing what to look for on labels. With misleading...


Food and Friendship

Here’s how to count your blessings.


Dinner with a Side of Community

From farm to table, community is making a comeback.


Share the Flavor

Quick seasonal dishes to come together and enjoy.


Your Team Starts with You

The saying goes, “There’s no ‘I’ in team,” but at times, “I” is the most important letter.


Nuts about nut butters

Are some nuts or seeds better than others?

healthy-dining-out Nourishment

Five Steps to Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Tips for everything from choosing a restaurant and smart ordering. You know the drill: you’re out at lunch with a friend...

Sugar names Nourishment

Sugar Truth: 57 Different Terms For it and What it Does to Your Body

The sugar industry doesn’t want you to know that sugar is hiding in ingredient lists and can greatly impact your body....