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Solar Flow Power, From Your Core

Yoga delivers more than peace, love and happiness. Light up your midsection with asanas that train and challenge your core, and...


Can Competitive Sports be Spiritual?

High atop a snowy bluff in Alta, Utah, in a cozy ski lodge, a motley group of people bundled in various...


Fitness Fairytales

Humans are wired for stories. As science explores what draws us into a good one, marketing guru Donald Miller, creator of...


Put Your Mettle to the Pedal

If you’ve been spinning indoors due to inclement weather, you’re probably ready to jump at the first chance to take your...


The Posture Plumb Line

Posture: for ballerinas, opera singers and military platoons, it seems effortless. For the rest of us, it is a vague consideration...


Six Mistakes to Avoid Making in the Gym

Keep yourself and others safe by avoiding these fitness missteps.


Leave Your Cardio Comfort Zone

How to mix up your routine by trying a new piece of equipment.


The Truth About Women and Weightlifting

Myths about women and weightlifting abound. 24Life sets the record straight.


Should you use the handlebars?

Find out how to maximize your time on this popular piece of cardio equipment: the elliptical.


Meet Your Dream Machine

Find out how to choose the right cardio equipment for your fitness goals.


Technology Behind the Treadmill

Find out why a treadmill run has plenty of benefits.


Four Tips to a Perfect Bike Setup

When you feel extra pumped about your cycling workout, it can be tempting to just hop on a bike and go,...

Walk to Work Day Movement

The Impact of Extra Steps

Walk to Work Day is April 1. Find out why you should get in those 10,000 steps a day.


No time? No problem. Try Tabata.

Burn big calories with this total-body cardio and power Tabata workout.


Hit-the-ground runner’s workout

Be a better runner with this strength endurance routine.


Energy Management

How Your Hormones Work Together to Run Your Metabolism.


Cassey Ho’s Go-To Energy Boosts

The POP Pilates guru tells us her best practices for energy all day.


Outwitting Nature with…Nature

How do Team USA athletes perform such extraordinary feats while subject to extremes of environment and global media schedules?


How Yoga Can Up Your Fitness Game

Find out how a yoga practice supports the body’s regeneration after rigorous workouts.

Shockwave Movement

20-minute Cardio Rowing Workout

You may have heard that rowing is the new cardio. While we are not yet ready to give up our daily...


3 Ways, 30 Days

Mix and match your workouts Did you set a personal fitness goal? Good. If you want results, then strategy is your...

Running 5K Movement

Rock Your First 5K With These Running Tips

Thinking of running your first 5K race? Here's what you need to know.


Recovery Secrets from the Super Bowl-winning Broncos

The Denver Broncos had more than a game-day strategy to win Super Bowl 50. In fact, for many years, the team’s...


Hack your Cardio

ARRIVE WITH A PLAN Set a target time and goal for each workout before you get started. During your workouts, stick...


Fit for a God

It’s not every day that an up-and-coming actor portrays a mortal with godlike powers, but that’s exactly what Brenton Thwaites got...


Cycling Transported

Forget about cruising through mountain passes and sunsets: Imagine you’re pumping up and careening down slick catwalks that snake in and...


How It Works: The Diaphragm

Breathing is one of our most basic functions. The nervous system, muscles, bones and connective tissue work together to control the...


NFL Stars Help Kids Succeed On and Off the Field

When the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII, Malcolm Smith earned the title of Super Bowl champion and took home the...


7 Tips To Get Excited About The Gym

Officially signed up for your gym membership? Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward a (hopefully long-term) relationship with exercise. Don’t...


Know Where You’re At

Guessing how much time on the treadmill will work off the second helping of pumpkin pie — or how many calories...