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“Fun” Turns Into Transformation

Ron Bookbinder’s husband James Fisher was six months into his membership at 24 Hour Fitness, when Bookbinder decided to tag along....


James Fisher Got His Beach Body—at 60

When James Fisher says, “You have no idea what you’re capable of,” he means if you have the desire to change,...


Animal Flow Answers the Call for Variety

If you’re not familiar with Animal Flow, creator Mike Fitch knows what you’re thinking. So we asked him to get to...


Make Your Move

If you’re used to setting big, hairy, audacious goals, then 2020 might have put you in the mood for something different...


Weekday Workouts: 24 and More

Resolved to get moving this month? We’ve got every part of you covered with more than two dozen workouts. Created by...


Work Out with Mom or Dad This Week

Active Aging Week starts Monday, October 5, and this year, it seems to have extra significance. People of all ages have...


Quick Study: Your Fall Fitness Routine

With the prospect of school and new routines looming large or already here, you might feel like you’re cramming for the...


10 Ways to Celebrate Exercise With Your Child Week

The first week of August marks National Exercise With Your Child Week, and staying active together can help children build confidence,...


Resilience Is the New Strong

Now is the time for health and resiliency. With the advent of COVID-19, it’s time you occupy an unbreakable body. But...


Get That Backyard Bod

If the beach isn’t in your plans just yet, why not go for a backyard bod? Try on some strength, cardio...


Tips to Make #WFH Workouts Better

How’s that fitness routine going? Even if you’ve got it on lock, things can change—and you have a new daily Zoom...


How to Become More Coordinated

As we age, we tend to become less coordinated with a weaker mind-muscle connection. To counteract this, keep moving and challenging...


Yes, You Can Do Cardio

If you’re still trying to figure out when to squeeze a run into your WFH schedule, or trying to social-distance on...


Four Work-Ins for #WFH

Whether you’re in stay-at-home mode or your normal routine is otherwise disrupted, you may find you are moving even less than...


Recent Discoveries in Exercise Science—How Exercise Affects Aging 

Exercise is good for us, we know that. From managing a healthy body weight to reducing the risk of heart disease...


8 Tips for Staying Fit and Injury-Free

Sure, you can get injured from exercise. But the long-term risks of not working out are higher because being sedentary can...


Deadlift Basics: All You Need To Know To Master This Move

We love this power-packed exercise as it’s great for strengthening all the muscles down the back of your body, building core...

somatotype Movement

What’s Your (Body) Type?

Body type is much more than outward appearance. Learn your somatotype to better understand your body and how to take care of yourself.


Hacking the Shoulder Press

Have you ever experienced pain when doing overhead presses on shoulder day? This hack will help you learn how your shoulders...

studio-cycling-playlist Movement

Your Studio Cycling Playlist

This studio cycling playlist curated by instructor Derek Beres will help you keep your feet spinning and your legs climbing.


Make Every Day Game Day

Every day is a new chance to bring your best to whatever you’re doing, even in the off season and even...


4 Moves to Help You Open Up After Sitting All Day

Have you been sitting at your desk, driving all day, or flying across the country? These low-key recovery moves are terrific...


Why Being Fit Means Being Smart—Plus More Cool Fitness News

In this roundup of the latest health and fitness research: the link between being young, fit and smart, new facts about...


How to Plan a Partner Workout (Plus the Workout)

Even if the sweat session is a tough one, a partner can help you celebrate your hard work. It’s not hard...

total-body-workout Movement

Workout: Total-Body Dumbbell Circuit

Follow these total-body compound moves with dumbbells and give special attention to your biggest stabilizer muscles.

metabolic-conditioning-lateral-workout Movement

Move Aside (to Side): Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Take your workout in a different direction with this lateral metabolic conditioning sequence to strengthen your outer- and inner-thigh muscles.


Body, Be Mine: Cassey Ho Shares Her Perfect Day of Self-Care

It’s February and we are about to be bombarded with messages of love and kindness—for others—at every turn. But self-love is...