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A woman with long brown hair walks down a beach boardwalk on a grey day Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: This Present Lightness

This issue of 24Life magazine is dedicated to the revolutionary thinkers who dare to hope, dream, think differently and stand up not only to share their light in the world but also to inspire others and empower them to do the same.

A person wearing a green blouse anda long black ponytail faces away from the viewer down two intersecting dirt roads Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: Crossroads

The person taking the road less traveled might discover that both roads are actually equal and that it takes bravery to consciously choose any path forward.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: Find Your Gold

There is an old legend about a precious treasure of the purest gold that is the very radiance of humanity.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: How To Measure A Day

I believe strongly that the ability to read and consider other experiences, ideas and insights creates a world of thought and imagination that generates new worlds of reality that can impact the many.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: A Call to Connect

Connection and community are great treasures of the human experience, and of course we have been told many times over: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: The Power to Change

What impact do we want to make in the world? What good do we wish to create and who do we need to be, day in and day out, to make this so?

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: Hustle Less, Live More

This is your month to take your power back, give it a self-care polish and then get back up and go.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: All the Feels, Along the Way

This issue was a labor of love and we are delighted to share it with you. May you make your relationship with yourself a precious, feel-good focus in your path to wellness this month.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Letter: Results Re(defy)ned: Set Goals, Defy the Odds and Get the Results You’ll Love

The new year has always been a special time for me—born on New Year’s Eve, I am doubly inspired to think of how I can make the most of the year to come.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Challenge: Well-Nest: Tap the Mindset of Abundance, Community and the Magic of Wellness

The challenge for December is to treat each meal as a wishing-well moment.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Challenge: Wellness for All

If ever there was a need for dedicated self-care and expanded wellness, it is now.

Editor's Challenge

24Life Editor’s Challenge: Raise Your Voice

October is always full of excitement, anticipation for change and intriguing energy, the magical type the season transfers in a harvest.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Challenge: Live Long and Well

This issue, in my opinion, is one of the most important collections we can offer you. It is our longevity issue, and with it, we hope to elevate the conversation around aging, vitality, and ultimately our lifelong search for meaning and purpose.