Cassey Ho, Blogilates Internet sensation and the creator of POP Pilates, is also a source of non-stop inspiration for her legions of fans. It’s spring, so 24Life asked her to share her thoughts on “best practice” for a high-energy lifestyle like hers, including ideas for the season – and movement, of course.

Three energizing movements

Plank Jacks


A. Start in Plank position, with body forming a straight line from shoulders to the ankles

B. Contract the abs to engage the core and keep the upper body still, as you jump the feet out and in

Plank Jacks are the ultimate move for energy because they get your heart rate pumping and are actually fun to perform! You will benefit by strengthening your entire body while getting that cardio in.

Dancing Dog


A. From Plank, lift hips high into Down Dog with a long spine and heels reaching towards the mat

B. Shift weight forward through high Plank into Upward Dog. Continue transitioning back and forth between each movement

Dancing Dog not only gives your body a beautiful stretch, but also strengthens everything from your shoulders to your calves. This movement awakens the entire body and just makes you feel good!



A. Begin laying on backside, legs long, and arms high overhead

B. Roll up to seated position, to stack shoulders over the hips

Roll-ups are one of my favorite abdominal exercises because they strengthen your entire core. They are challenging, but once you get technique down, they are really fun and empowering! As you roll up, think about reaching your arms high while opening up the chest.

Top energizing on-the-go snack

Banana pancakes! 2 eggs and 1 banana – whip them together and put it on the pan. Flip and you’ve got paleo pancakes!

Best product to regenerate or revitalize

Water! When I am hydrated, I don’t feel tired and my skin stays clear.

Favorite pick-me-up activity


Change of pace for springtime workouts

I keep my workouts fairly consistent throughout the year, but as spring and summer approach I like to get outside more to pick things up a notch. Nothing beats being outside under the California sun!

Favorite springtime tune

Anything I can dance to!

Springtime skincare freshen-up

I take care of my skin by fueling my body with whole foods and drinking plenty of water. Adequate sleep is also a super beauty tip for good skin.

Reading list

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert