We all see our greatest gains, improvements and transformations when we step outside of our comfort zones. In fitness, this means we have to walk a fine line between following a consistent routine, and mixing up our training to constantly push through plateaus.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to integrate unconventional training tools into your routine. Tried and true exercises like the squat, lunge, press, deadlift and sit-up will never get old if you’re using dynamic tools that challenge your body in different ways each time you use them.

The SandBell uses live shifting sand weight to engage your core and work all of the stabilizers that support your larger muscles, while also building strength and muscular endurance. The safe construction of the sand-filled neoprene free weight will also help you feel comfortable trying unfamiliar and unconventional movements so you can shake up your routine. Adding a weight vest like the Hyper Vest® ELITE will further increase the intensity of basic movements and help you accelerate your results.

Total-body SandBell workout

Try this SandBell workout (with an optional weight vest) for an unconventional total-body challenge.

  • Perform 10 reps of each move with a 15-second rest between moves to complete one circuit.
  • Repeat for four total circuits with 60 seconds of rest between each circuit.


  • Stand holding the SandBell using a double-claw grip with your arms straight.
  • Raise the SandBell up overhead, coming up onto your toes and keeping your arms straight.
  • Forcefully slam the SandBell into the floor and dip into a squat, swinging your arms down and back, then grab the SandBell on the way back up and repeat.


  • Rest the SandBell behind your shoulders or hug it to your chest.
  • Jog at least 50 feet in one direction.
  • Reverse directions (each direction is one rep).


  • Stand upright holding the SandBell against your upper chest using a double-claw grip.
  • Dips slightly at the hips, then thrust the SandBell up overhead.
  • Allow the SandBell to fall to ground, then pick it up and repeat.


  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat, and a SandBell resting on your hips.
  • Raise your hips up off the floor, pushing down into the floor with your feet.
  • Hold in the top position briefly, then lower your hips back to the floor.


  • Hold the SandBell in both hands at one shoulder.
  • Press the SandBell up overhead, then lower down to the other shoulder.
  • Press the SandBell back up overhead and lower down to starting side, for one total rep.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Hyperwear