Inspired by fashionable and fit stars on red carpets? Here’s what celebs do to get in ship-shape before awards shows.

Strutting down the red carpet with millions of people watching means Emmy-nominees and guests did a lot of prep work to get their bodies in top shape before the show aired in late September. The long-running awards show honors the best in primetime television, and this year, 24Life spoke to a number of celebs at the GBK pre-Emmy Celebrity Lounge at the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills about their preparations for Emmys weekend.

Jenna Willis
“The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

Jenna Willis played Tanya Brown on “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.” The show, nominated for 22 Emmys, took home nine wins.

When we asked Willis about her pre-Emmy fitness routine she said: “I just finished working on a project where I got out of shape on purpose. I changed my workout so I wasn’t quite so toned, so I’ve gone back to my regular workout. I lift weights, that’s my favorite workout. And I do yoga in between to make sure I don’t get too stiff. I lift weights about four times a week and do yoga maybe once a week. I work out at a gym, and yoga I do at home so I don’t embarrass myself. I do YouTube videos of yoga.”

As for diet, Willis said, “I eat pretty much everything, although I am gluten free. People think it cuts out a lot of carbs, but surprisingly, it doesn’t. There are still potatoes; there are still french fries and tortilla chips. I have a massive sweet tooth. It’s actually quite awful.”

Jenna WillisHelga Esteb /

Kathryn Burns
“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Kathryn Burns, choreographer for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” took home the 2016 award for Outstanding Choreography. The show was nominated for four awards; it won two.

Burns said: “I’ve been working a bunch and food-wise, it’s really hard on set because it’s like, ‘Donut holes? Yes, please!’ So I try to eat clean and just do protein, vegetables and fruit and that’s it. It’s just about making smart decisions and cutting out the excess. And I love going for hikes to clear my head. But I choreograph, so I’m always moving.”

Burns teaches at The Sweat Spot in Silverlake. “It’s a really fun, welcoming environment.” She likes rope works outs and aerial workouts and yoga. “But mostly I just like to go out my front door and go on a hike or a do a dance class.”

Kathryn BurnsHelga Esteb /

Meagan Tandy

Meagan Tandy plays Chantal on “UnREAL.” The show wasn’t nominated for any awards this season, but that didn’t stop the cast — including this model — from strutting their stuff on the red carpet.

Tandy said: “I do an immense amount of cardio. I’m probably doing cardio more than I’m doing weights, but I do try to balance it out if I can. I am always on that StairMaster. I mix it up: I will do a minute or two of sprints — I’ll put it up to 19 — and then I’ll bring it back down to 7 and I’ll do that for 30 minutes. I go to 24 Hour Fitness.”

As for her diet, she said, “I love sugar, that’s my best friend. But whenever I’m trying to get in shape, that’s what I cut out. I’ll stick mostly to salads and vegetables and I’ll eat more fish than meat. When you take out sugar, [your weight] drops like that.” To get ready for Emmy parties, she said, “I actually started last Wednesday and because I do cardio with it, within three days, I notice a really big difference.” She adds, “I drink tons and tons of water. I just started getting into alkaline water. A friend of mine said it cleared up her skin. It’s supposed to help with overall energy. It tastes a lot more pure than regular water. I’m not feeling the energy level yet, but it might be kind of psychological.”

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Emma Kenney

Emma Kenney plays Debbie Gallagher in TV show “Shameless.” The show was nominated for two awards this season, taking away one for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Comedy Series or Variety Program.

Kenney said: “I’ve been a pescetarian for three years. I won’t eat animals and I only wear vegan suede and leather.” As for her workout, she said, “I do yoga and sometimes I’ll go on the treadmill and lift weights. I don’t stress about staying in shape. Like Jennifer Lawrence said, ‘I won’t starve myself for a part.’”

Getting in top-top shape — whether for the Emmys or another important occasion — varies from celebrity to celebrity. Some lift weights, others do yoga and cardio. Some cut out sugar completely while others do juice cleanses or eat more fish. What we can learn from these toned stars is that, no matter the method, the road to fit paved with exercise and a healthy diet.

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