By: Sarah Casey

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Rest For Better Performance and Recovery

Although rest might feel like doing nothing, it’s anything but - our body gets busy replenishing fuel, building muscle and hydrating our tissues. Learn how better sleep, breaks, and lower-intensity exercises all benefit your performance, no matter what your goal.


Master This Move: Loaded Front Squat

This move is a fixture in the strength-and-conditioning world, and it can be performed with a variety of weight options—including a...


Master This Move: Recovery Breathing

Most breathing techniques focus on yoga, stress management or meditation. But we can use breathing techniques to help us get the...


Master This Move: Wood Chop

Want powerful hips? Rock-solid abs? A strong back? Who doesn’t?! This classic movement isn’t just for farmhands and lumberjacks—it’s for anyone...


Make 2019 the Year You Don’t Get Hurt

Exercise is one of the healthiest things we can do, but it’s also a stress on our bodies.


Master This Move: Speedskater

This is a terrific exercise for lower-body strength and cardiovascular fitness. Even if you never step foot on a skating track,...


Boost Your Baseline to Stay Healthy this Holiday

Every year, so many of us bust our butts getting ready for the holiday season, only to wind up sick in bed and unable to enjoy the festivities when they finally arrive. What gives?


Master This Move: Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

This is such a big-bang-for-your-buck movement. It’s a single-leg balance plus a hip hinge, and it builds deep strength in your...


The (Digestive) Power of an After-Dinner Walk

Did your parents ever warn you not to go swimming right after you ate?


Strong to the Bone—Work that skeleton for lifelong health!

We know that muscles get stronger by repairing the micro-tearing that happens during a workout. So are bones also strongest where they’ve healed from a break? 


Master This Move: Push-Up

Maybe it was after your first high-school fitness test. Maybe it happened after you saw “G.I. Jane” for the first time,...


Unpacking the Autonomic Nervous System For Health

Stress. It can make it hard to sleep, hard to focus and hard to keep our cool. Strategies for reducing stress have become more and more popular as we try to grapple with chronic levels of stress and overwhelm in our lives.


Master This Move: Downward-Facing Dog

This is the yogi-est of all yoga moves (in North America, at least). Adho mukha śvānāsana (as it’s known more formally)...


Recover From Stress Faster With These Two Breathing Techniques

From “Iceman” Wim Hof helping us breathe past discomfort to scientists studying the effects of breath holding during sprints, breathing techniques...


Master This Move: Russian Twist

Just like the salad dressing, no one knows how this abdominal drill became “Russian,” but (again, like the dressing) it’s too...


Master This Move: Tuck Jump

It might not be the first move that comes to mind when we think about fitness, but tuck jumps are the...


Master This Move: Kettlebell Swing

In the farm markets of 18th century Russia, kettlebells were used to weigh crops. In the 1800s, they were featured in...

Kidney Health Movement

Five Steps to Protect Your Kidney Health From Your Workout

If you love working hard in the gym, chances are you’ve had your share of strains and pains.


Getting Tight With the Skin You’re In

With such a fragile outer coating, isn’t it curious that we’ve made it to the top of the food chain? Compared to an armadillo, we look like tender, vulnerable lion food.


Fortify Your Fascia to Prevent Injury

The myofascial network is the three-dimensional matrix of soft tissues that works with our skeleton to give us shape. Fascia will adapt to any repetitive posture or movement.


Secrets to Healthy Living and Slower Aging from NASA Research

The truth is, this problem is not about sitting or standing—it’s about not moving.


Beyond Baby Making: Why Your Reproductive System Is Key to Your Health

Recent advances in fertility science mean we know more than ever about how sex hormones contribute to conception and pregnancy.


Morning Hacks That Win

Three techniques (backed by science) to get going.


Should I Work Out When I’m Sick?

How too much movement can lower our immune system, and just the right amount can help us kick illness to the...


Four Videos on Why Two (or More) is Better than One

Humans are not solitary creatures. Here’s proof that the power of group is better than the power of one. Finishing the...


Power in Numbers

Hippos can teach us about healthy living.


Activate Your Inner Brady

Better preparation fuels peak performance and longevity.


Three Ways Exercise Helps You Think Better

You might be able to outrun your genes.


Get Lost in Flow

Find happy, healthy, inspired living.