By: Rory J. O’Connor

Future Forward

Science Opens Its Mind to Psychedelics

Alongside the latest self-help books on making yourself trimmer, stronger and smarter is one whose unusual subject has made it a best-seller: mind improvement using psychedelic drugs.


Social Media: Group Power for Fitness and Health

Bring the competition or the cheer squad? There’s an app for that.


Can You Design Better Sleep?

Find out which devices might be helping—and when they might not.


Step Saver

Why just track steps, when you can map an adventure?


Who’s Tracking Whom?

There’s a chance some of your health data could be shared more widely than you thought.


Strategic Tracking

Watch what matters with your tracking devices.


Count on Gadgets for the Bigger Picture

Use those shiny new devices and apps to look beyond steps and calories to overall health.