By: Robin Rootenberg


Lori Harder’s Seven Rules for Finding Your Tribe and Your Bliss

Watching kids meet and make friends can be a joy and an inspiration. They seem to act on an instinct that...


Adrienne Bankert’s Scoop on the Royal Wedding

The big moment is here! ABC national news correspondent Adrienne Bankert, who graced the February cover of 24Life, has had the...


Dr. Kristi Funk Separates Fact From Fiction When it Comes to Breast Cancer

Your car, your new laptop, your refrigerator: Just about everything we own comes with operating instructions. Everything, that is, except for...


Dr. Whitney Bowe’s Secret to Radiance Is “Dirty” Skin

Dr. Whitney Bowe is letting all of us in on a dirty secret that’s not so little, in her new book,...


Stack Your Life and Start a Movement With Katy Bowman

This biomechanist wants us to add movement, not just exercise, to our days, as studies show an hour in the gym doesn’t make up for being stationary.


The Surprising Truth About These U.S. Olympic Athletes

They’re motivated—but not by what you’d expect.


Faceoff: Sleep vs. Fitness

Sleep scientist Matthew Walker explains why it’s not a choice.

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Your Year, Your Story

Turning the page with artist innovator Alexa Meade. Alexa Meade illustrated how our choices let us shape our lives—and write our...

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Body for Life, 30 Years On

Look no further than co-creator Shawn Phillips for the future of the phenomenon.


Find the Happiness Beyond Perfection

Happiness facilitator Petra Kolber has the key to a richer life.

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Train to Claim Your Power

“SuperSoul Sunday” alum Mastin Kipp takes on what’s blocking your momentum.


Home, Inspired

Elana Kilkenny shows how your home and workspace can serve you better.


Pop Forward with Cassey Ho

Forbes’ “Top Influencer” makes her passion a successful reality.

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Wendy MacNaughton: We’re Born Creative

The popular illustrator finds creativity in collaboration-on city streets, around the conference table and in the kitchen.

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For Kate Mara, “Megan Leavey” Is a Performance Milestone

The film’s star tells 24Life about the demands of portraying female Marine and training with a canine partner. When actress Kate...

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Q&A with Mel Abraham, the Entrepreneur’s Entrepeneur

A day in the life of the man whose clients are a who’s-who list in business and personal development. Mel Abraham is the...


The 3 C’s for Success

You can pursue your own goal—and shared happiness.

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Seeing More Dimensions – In Color, and Life

Alexa Meade redefined her course and makes us see double in her art.


The Power of Living Gamefully

In “SuperBetter” Jane McGonigal shows how game play gives us the power to be healthy and happy.


Living Lucid

Mental performance coaching takes the art of meditation to a new level.

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Becoming Legends in “Hands of Stone”

Usher and Édgar Ramírez’s thrilling portrayals of boxing greats Durán and Leonard come down to the mind.


Marie Forleo’s Personal Practice

Have time to shower? You’ve got time for Marie Forleo’s meditation practice to stop the wind-up toy in your head.


Diana Nyad: Find a Way

Diana Nyad about her extraordinary pursuits and thrilling memoir.


Why 30-day challenges work and why they fail

Want to try a challenge? Here’s how to make it work for you.

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In "Race," award-winning director Stephen Hopkins and actor Stephan James tell the story of the African-American athlete who defied Hitler, then patiently faced race discrimination in the U.S.

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A New Break For Dominic Purcell

Actor Dominic Purcell tells 24Life what normal is, even as his craft requires frequent transformation.

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How The Heart Shows Stress

Heart rate. It’s that staple of training that you use to tell how hard you’re working, since your heart provides a...