By: Robin Rootenberg

Game Changers

GX24 Instructor Cat Brewer: Raising Awareness for Access to Entertainment

24 Hour Fitness GX24 instructor Cat Brewer has been rocking out at concerts since she was a little girl. Then, six...


Reached Your Peak? Now Teach and Be Happy, Says Arthur Brooks

Arthur C. Brooks, Ph.D, has some tough news for us: we reach our professional peak a lot sooner than we think, but there's a lot we can do about it.

Game Changers

Ken Honda Says Happiness Can Bring Money

Money can’t buy happiness, and no one knows that better than financial guru and best-selling author Ken Honda. “To be free...


Jake Glaser Is Lifting the Stigma of HIV—and Raising Eyes to a Healthy Horizon

Jake Glaser is on a mission to show global brands that thousands of kids 18 and younger are an audience that’s able to live like Glaser does - with HIV.


Dennis Fanucchi: “It’s Never Too Late for Fitness”

Dennis Fanucchi didn’t touch a weight until he was 54. Now a bodybuilder at 75, we asked him to share insights about his fitness transformation.

Tiffany Cruikshank in a seated yoga twist on a boat dock Mindset

Tiffany Cruikshank Shows Yoga Supports Western Medical Care

Tiffany Cruikshank says that insights from yoga into the function of fascia and connective tissue are transforming sports medicine and ideas about health.


Jeff Rose Makes Self-Worth Bloom

Adaptive surfer, skier and public speaker Jack Rose works to help people with disabilities redefine success.


San Francisco Shock: A New Kind of Athlete

Organized, competitive video gaming has been around online since the late ’90s, but in case you blinked, it has grown into a billion-dollar industry.

Elana-Karp-in-kitchen Nourishment

Plated’s Elana Karp Changes Lives One Meal Kit at a Time

24Life asked Karp for more insight into how she and Plated are making a difference in busy families’ lives, one dinner at a time.


Fit for Impact: Stories That Inspire You To Move

24Life covers the benefits that physical training has on mindset, the impact that mental fortitude has on motivation, and the momentum that comes from taking a first step.


Kelly Noonan Has Proof That You Hold the Power to Heal

Kelly Noonan has long been fascinated by the universe and the human body.


A 30-Minute De-Stress Does More, With Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher dispels myths and confusion that keep us from giving meditation a try or experiencing its benefits.


Stress Less, LA (Event)

The facts: Sacrificing sleep to “get more done” damages your brain. Stress appears to shorten telomeres, the ends of our genes...


Sam Parham: The Joy of Finding Your Own Path With Parkour

Sam Parham, an award-winning stuntman and parkour pioneer, explains how the emerging sport has helped him and many others learn how to overcome life's obstacles.


Shawn Stevenson Says This Is the Competitive Advantage We Need

The real secret to Stevenson’s success might not be his drive, his business acumen or any other of his many talents. It’s generosity.


How to Make a Lunch Bag That Feeds Body—and Souls—With Ajay Relan

When you feed someone else, you’re feeding yourself.


Better Movement Nutrition and Less Movement as Medicine, With Katy Bowman

Whether it’s nutrients or movement, we’re obsessed with the minimum dosage, and Katy Bowman understands why.


Robyn Youkilis Helps You Feel Good in Your Body

“Weight is not a number on a scale. It’s a feeling in your body.” ... That’s how celebrity health coach Robyn Youkilis thinks about weight loss—now that she has made peace with the topic.


Dr. Jennifer Haythe Helps You Beat the Odds of Cardiovascular Disease

When someone says heart attack, what comes to mind? Most of us assume the victim is a man—and probably overweight, possibly a smoker, and likely to have an anger problem. And we’re probably wrong.

Game Changers

Cassey Ho Is PIIT Perfect

Cassey Ho always seems to hit the right note. But it’s always in her own voice. It all started when Ho...

Future Forward

Using Tech to Restore Our Humanity

Every day is full of negotiated moments.


Patricia Moreno Awakens the Brain-Body Connection to Transform You

As she rose up the ranks to star status in the fitness industry, Patricia Moreno found herself trapped in a vicious cycle of body consciousness...


Josh Williamson Will Find the Next Olympic Hopeful in You

Williamson was a high-school football and college lacrosse player (and bobsled fan), but he never assumed his passion for athletics and his work ethic would lead to a competitive career.


Lori Harder’s Seven Rules for Finding Your Tribe and Your Bliss

Watching kids meet and make friends can be a joy and an inspiration. They seem to act on an instinct that...


Adrienne Bankert’s Scoop on the Royal Wedding

The big moment is here! ABC national news correspondent Adrienne Bankert, who graced the February cover of 24Life, has had the...


Dr. Kristi Funk Separates Fact From Fiction When it Comes to Breast Cancer

Your car, your new laptop, your refrigerator: Just about everything we own comes with operating instructions. Everything, that is, except for...


Dr. Whitney Bowe’s Secret to Radiance Is “Dirty” Skin

Dr. Whitney Bowe is letting all of us in on a dirty secret that’s not so little, in her new book,...


Stack Your Life and Start a Movement With Katy Bowman

This biomechanist wants us to add movement, not just exercise, to our days, as studies show an hour in the gym doesn’t make up for being stationary.