By: Rachelle Mahoney

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Fitness Coach Miranda Guerra Says Reaching Your Fitness Goals Is About These Three Things

Growing up in upstate New York, fitness coach, workout studio manager and NPC bikini competitor Miranda Guerra says she used to...

Nicole Gerritsen outside leaning on fence Game Changers

Nicole Gerritsen Says Getting to the Root Cause and Starting Small Were Instrumental Steps in Reaching Her Fitness Goals

For most of her life, Alaska native Nicole Gerritsen was underweight. “In middle school, people thought I was anorexic because I...

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Vitality Coach Logan Schwartz Says Health Is The Key to Happiness—Here’s Why

As a parent and fitness and health expert, Logan Schwartz says his first priority for his kids is for them to...

Young woman outside flexing in floral jacket Mindset

12 Things I’ve Learned About Reaching Your Fitness Goals From Telling Transformation Stories

I arguably have the coolest job in the world. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you: I work for a...

Phil Gaimon cycling wearing a cookie jersey Regeneration

Former Pro-Cyclist Phil Gaimon Has Found the Secret to Motivation—and It’s Something Anyone Can Do

24Life talks with professional cyclist Phil Gaimon about what motivates him to prioritize personal health and fitness in his life.

Radio DJ Lexy Smith hanging on the red carpet with actor Eric Roberts Game Changers

Radio DJ Lexy Smith’s Five Keys to Losing Weight and Gaining Health Are Things Anyone Can Do

Radio DJ and personality Alexa “Lexy” Smith was walking around the Louvre during a vacation in Paris last October when she...

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Fit in Love: Group Fitness Instructors Jen Pelesky Velasquez and Irma Velasquez Pelesky

Jen Pelesky Velasquez describes her younger self as an overachiever but without a sense of direction. A natural athlete, Jen wasn’t...


News Flash: Fasting and Diabetes, Dairy and Health, and More Health News

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News Flash: Blue Light and Weight Gain, Inflammation and Motivation, and More Health News

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Want to Master the Handstand? An Expert’s Tips for Getting Upside Down

As a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, there are a number of workout moves I’ve mastered or improved on...


News Flash: Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases With Nutrition, and More Health News

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Why the Pool Is the Perfect Tool for Your Next Resistance Workout

Summer temperatures are no excuse for skipping the gym or ditching your fitness goals. In fact, you can use the heat...


News Flash: Health Washing, Extroverts and Work Performance, and More Health News

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Ask the Experts: Your Burning Questions About Botox, Answered

Botox, the cosmetic injection that was wildly popular in the ‘90s and then got a bad rap for making people look...

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Michael Conol Says You Can Pretty Much Talk Yourself Into Anything—Even Learning to Walk Again

During a seventh-grade trip to a water park, personal trainer Michael Conol was bullied by his classmates for his weight. “I...


What to Know Before Taking a Virtual Studio Class

When I was contemplating joining a gym many moons ago, studio classes were what sealed the deal for me—and my wallet....

Cynthia-Leu-prepares-to-bench-press Game Changers

How Powerlifting Saved This Instagram Influencer’s Life and Why She’s Speaking Out About Mental Health

Taking care of yourself is so much more than just physical. Power lifter Cynthia Leu transformed the way she viewed food, fitness and even her body by focusing on her mental health, and has used Instagram as a platform to to inspire thousands of others to do the same.


How Do You Know If You Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Money? A Financial Wellness Adviser Explains

If April tax season brought with it a sense of dread and anxiety surrounding money, you’re not alone. And though tax...


I Used the Hypervolt for a Week and It Changed My Recovery Game

As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and health and wellness editor, I know as well as anyone how important...


Financial Wellness Trainer Danetha Doe Offers Tips for What to Do With Your Tax Return

Tax season is upon us, and many of us are eagerly awaiting our return, dreaming up all the ways we want...


Seven Ways to Build Self-Discipline, Foster Momentum and Sustain Healthy Habits

Over the last few years, I’ve turned my health and fitness around dramatically. I’ve lost weight (more than 20 pounds), gained...

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Denise Gee Says Fitness Gave Her Confidence and Is a Promise She Keeps to Her Body

Denise Gee didn’t have a gym membership until a year and a half ago, when she left her job as a...

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How Group X Helped Eric Chan and Jenna Wong Establish a Health-Focused Relationship

Eric Chan and Jenna Wong met five years ago, and right away they discovered that they both worked in the Bay...

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Alice Furuya Wants You to Love the Work[out]—and Try New Stuff

Alice Furuya joined 24 Hour Fitness after her first knee replacement surgery in 2012—for the pool. “I’m a really good swimmer,”...

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Fitness Manager Vinh Duong Says This Is the First Step in a Successful Fitness Journey

Vinh Duong was always on the skinnier side as a kid. As a computer science student in college, Duong was interested...


Cardio Revival

Tired of trotting on the treadmill? Dig into this total-body workout that does double duty, building strength and elevating your heart rate with classic moves punctuated by cardio blasts to really get you going.


Coach Dannie De Novo’s New Book Helps You Get in a Good Mood—and Stay There

After more than a decade practicing business law and going through a divorce, Dannie De Novo made the switch from lawyer...


A Dietitian’s Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Love Healthy Foods

Digestive health expert Tamara Duker Freuman, MS, RD, CDN, knows that kids won’t always eat the “healthy” options when given a...

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Personal Trainer Nikka Saadat Wants You to Enjoy the Process, Not Fixate on the Results

Personal trainer Nikka Saadat was a very active kid. She figure skated from ages 3 to 15, and she played tennis...


What Digestive Health Expert Tamara Duker Freuman Eats in a Day

Named “The Bloated Belly Whisperer” for her work with patients experiencing unexplained gas, bloating and more, digestive health expert Tamara Duker...