By: Pete McCall


Seven Reasons Why Obstacle-Course Racing Can Help You Prepare for the Game of Life

My legs are hurting, my lungs are burning, and I’m covered in grime from trying to scale a dirt hill turned...


Three Moves to Train Your Fascial System

Picture a young boy playing on a playground. What do you see? A little boy playing is a bundle of energy...


Four Different Types of Strength and How to Train for Each of Them

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10 Often-Overlooked Benefits of Cardiovascular Training

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A Workout to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

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Why Having a Specific Goal Isn’t Always Necessary in Fitness

You don’t have to have a goal to work out if you just enjoy the process and overall benefits of fitness....


Six Benefits of Group Fitness Workouts

Hop off the treadmill, take off your headphones and join a group fitness class for more than just the physical benefits....


Six Benefits of Sprint Training

Why you should be adding sprints to your workout routine—even if you hate running. Essentially, all you need to start a...


Six Workout Programs to Keep Seeing Results

Six workout programs that will keep your muscles challenged and your gym time effective. Heraclitus, a philosopher in ancient Greece, once...


Outdoor Workouts for Eight Major Cities

Whether you’re visiting for work or on vacation, or just live there, here are outdoor exercise options for eight major U.S....


Five Lower-Body Moves to do Instead of Squats

Firm your booty and shape your legs for summer with these five movements that aren’t squats. What do Jennifer Lopez, Kim...


Six Hacks for Stronger Muscles

Train your body to be stronger with these simple movement alterations. The English language is a fascinating thing. It’s existed for...


Seven Ways to Play at the Gym

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Six Ways Your Workouts Can Benefit From Periodization

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Do You Really NEED to Run to Get in Shape?

6 alternatives if you hate running.


Seven Things to Know About the Mind-Body Connection

We’ve all been there—a million things going on: work deadlines, family responsibilities, chores to do at home, social engagements to attend, and you want, no, need to make time for your workouts.


Find a Workout that Motivates You

Your personality type can give you clues to the workout you’ll do—and keep doing.


All the Right Tools

Exciting new equipment can take your fitness to the next level.

Game Changers

Classic muscle

One of the most iconic eras in American automotive technology was the development of the muscle car in the 1960s. From...