By: Nina Newhouse


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Leslie Samaniego: From Bullied to Breakthrough

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For This Trainer, Health Beats Wealth

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How Elvia Campos Rebuilt Her Mind and Body

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After Twins, GX Coach Lives the Zumba Life

From an early age, Bella Gormley was dancing the Merengue, Cumbia and Salsa at home. As a teen, she performed traditional...


Social Influencer Rayy Syymone Hardy Builds Resilience and Pays It Forward

Social influencer and 24 Hour Fitness member Rayy Syymone Hardy knows the first step is the most important, because it’s a...


Influencer Montgomery Nicholas Uses Fitness to Stay Grounded as He Reaches for His Goals

Montgomery Nicholas knew early on the importance of physical exercise and the benefits of getting healthy together—with the ones you love....


Influencer Jordan Edwards: Love the Process

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New Year, New Advice From Top Social Media Fitness Influencers

Setting goals (at any time of the year) is always a sure way to make a real change in your life.


The Perks of Your Coffee Habit

Five reasons your morning coffee is so much more than a caffeine boost. There are few things more universal in our...


Summer Fresh, Anywhere

Here’s how to find summer’s bounty even if you live in the city.


Class Notes: What to Expect from Barre Harmony

Daily Burn’s Barre Harmony ups the intensity. I’ve taken barre classes for years, and now that it’s trending, there are no...


Alex Carneiro Raises a Goal

Celebrity fitness coach shares his tips to tap your desire for results.


Light Therapy

When it comes to optimal health, an age-old practice may be light years ahead.  We all know sunlight in large doses...

Game Changers

Triathletes: The Next Generation

Team 24 Hour Fitness and Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen supports the future of her sport. Gwen Jorgensen was a champion...


A Cuddle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Pets are good for our health, and our doctors’. Here’s why.


Know Thy Neighbor

Community brings happiness, a greater sense of security and true safety.


The Introvert’s Survival Guide for Family Vacations

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation? Do family members scold you for bringing along a...