By: Lashaun Dale


24 Ways to Say Thank You

Give thanks and receive so much more.

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Q&A with 29029 Creator Jesse Itzler

The “100-Mile Man” counts his days and what he does to make them epic. Jesse Itzler counts every day—he literally writes...

Game ChangersMindset

A Life of Dance

How passion and perseverance led to the creation of the largest dance fitness phenomenon in the world.


Get a Body Like a Dancer

There are hundreds of reasons to dance, and cultivating a dancer’s body is one of them.


Seven Books to Read Right Now

Change your life with a book today. Today, September 6, is National Read a Book Day. And yes, you should care....

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Build a Better Brain, Build a Better Life

Meet the man who’s superhero to some of the brightest minds in business and entertainment.


Home, Inspired

Elana Kilkenny shows how your home and workspace can serve you better.


Design a Better Anything

24 ways to design your thinking and increase your creative confidence.


Pop Forward with Cassey Ho

Forbes’ “Top Influencer” makes her passion a successful reality.


Five Ways to Train Smarter

As learned at the world’s premier fitness conference, 2017 IDEA World Fitness Convention. This weekend, thousands of the world’s fittest, smartest,...

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Wendy MacNaughton: We’re Born Creative

The popular illustrator finds creativity in collaboration-on city streets, around the conference table and in the kitchen.


24 Ways to Be a More Creative (Happier) Person

24 easy ways to find freedom of expression in your life, your way.

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Meet the Co-Founder of AcroYoga

AcroYogi and chief visionary, Jason Nemer, shares how this practice is connecting the world one yogi at a time. Across the...


Jorge Cruise: Transforming Pain Into Power

For the celebrated fitness coach, “play” means balance in life, every day.


Star-Studded Slumber

Finding community (and your soul’s desire) at a sleepaway camp for grownups.


Three Breath Techniques to Inspire a Great Workout—or Day

Use breath to restore energy and boost your mood.  You may have noticed that breath training (along with regeneration techniques such...


Countdown to Brave

Try 24 things that are worth the risk.

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Lighten Up for Enlightenment

Danielle LaPorte’s “White Hot Truth” is about finding your flame without getting burned.

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The Entrepreneur Who Tamed Risk

Mel Abraham has coached a generation of “thoughtpreneurs.”


Gear Up

The essentials you need to get on the road.

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Unlocking Human Potential

Running is our birthright—Kelly Starrett’s working to restore it.

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Blazing a Trail to Age 180

Dave Asprey’s insights and life hacks reach well beyond Bulletproof coffee.


24 Hot Podcasts

These experts will change the way you think about working out.


Build a Better Workout

These essential workout elements can change your body.


Setback is the Platform for a Comeback

Love football or hate it, there is great inspiration in the power of a comeback. Regardless of which color jersey you...


Are You Fit for Office? Master These Seven Moves

Regardless of how you feel about the inauguration ceremonies, there is something to be said about making the next 100 days...


Resolution Revolution

May the best goal win. It’s here and so are you: resolution in hand, a list in your heart. 2017 welcomes...


Love People. Use Things. Meet The Minimalists.

Joshua Fields Millburn invites you to question what adds value to your life.


Unlocking the Self in Our Cells

Sondra Barrett, PhD, finds wisdom may lie in our cells.


Wake Up Your Inner Fire with Wim Hof

The iceman teaches people all over the world to heal by tapping into colder temperatures.