By: Lashaun Dale

Physical therapist Jennifer Esquer stands with hands on hips Mindset

Doc Jen Fit Wants You to Trust Your Gut and Tap Into Your Pain

By optimizing our bodies and understanding its natural tendencies, Jennifer Esquer says we can prevent injury and pain - not just rehab it.


Stepping Into Your Own Power With Shaman Durek Verrett

For most of us, shamanism is an unfamiliar term—one that conjures up visions of tribal healers communicating with the spirit world, not no-nonsense practitioners of guided self-help.

Chalene Johnson holds a canvas grocery bag full of healthy produce Nourishment

Fitness Icon Chalene Johnson Is Ditching Diets for Healing From the Inside Out

Fitness expert Chalene Johnson chats about her new book “131 Method," and why true wellness is unique to every individual.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: How To Measure A Day

I believe strongly that the ability to read and consider other experiences, ideas and insights creates a world of thought and imagination that generates new worlds of reality that can impact the many.


Dr. Joan Rosenberg Reminds Us Why You Need to Feel All Your Feelings

“The key to cultivating confidence and creating a life you love lies in the ability to handle unpleasant emotions.” As far...

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Editor’s Note: A Call to Connect

Connection and community are great treasures of the human experience, and of course we have been told many times over: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


Emily Fletcher: Healing Yourself Helps Your Group

Meditation is the least selfish thing you can do...


Flowing Into the Future With Steven Kotler

During his successful career as a science and action-sports journalist, Kotler always marveled at the amount of human potential that manifested in seemingly impossible, even death-defying situations.


A Recovering Perfectionist Shares Her Seven Wellness Secrets

Meet Nealy Fischer, a wellness expert, yoga teacher, mom of four and recovering perfectionist. Fischer, who felt herself succumbing to societal...

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: The Power to Change

What impact do we want to make in the world? What good do we wish to create and who do we need to be, day in and day out, to make this so?


Nootropics: More You for More Impact

Neurohacker Collective believes that the starting place for healthy behavior is making the brain work better. Their dietary supplements called nootropics are formulated to improve brain performance (and help us get out of the way of our own goals).


Calling the Dream With Rha Goddess

Rha Goddess believes in the power of entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams while making a positive social impact.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Note: Hustle Less, Live More

This is your month to take your power back, give it a self-care polish and then get back up and go.


Ruby Warrington: Give Up Alcohol, Gain Intimacy

You survived Valentine’s Day. There is a sweetness in the promise of roses, chocolate and a bottle of wine shared with...

terri-cole-sitting Regeneration

Terri Cole: Making Love Work

Romcom culture makes happily ever after look effortless, but is love really that simple? Psychotherapist and relationship expert Terri Cole shows us how to invest our time and attention to develop deep and sustaining relationships - starting with ourselves.

Ariel-Kiley-smiling Regeneration

Ariel Kiley: Self Worth Is Your Most Important Investment

We sat down with Ariel Kiley—yoga teacher, transformational guide and expert on conscious money practices—to talk about how a secure relationship with your finances is a sound investment in your own self-worth.

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Editor’s Note: All the Feels, Along the Way

This issue was a labor of love and we are delighted to share it with you. May you make your relationship with yourself a precious, feel-good focus in your path to wellness this month.

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Editor’s Letter: Results Re(defy)ned: Set Goals, Defy the Odds and Get the Results You’ll Love

The new year has always been a special time for me—born on New Year’s Eve, I am doubly inspired to think of how I can make the most of the year to come.


Ruby Warrington Wants You to Get Lit on Your Own Vibe

Ruby Warrington, lifestyle journalist and creator of The Numinous, a site dedicated to conscious living, is known for challenging cultural norms and expectations.


Dr. Joan Rosenberg Gives You 90 Seconds to a Better You in 2019

Each January, we strive to become a better version of ourselves—one that eats healthier, works out more, drinks less and saves more money.


Winter Solstice: Transform Self-Care to Soul Care and Rituals to Prepare You for the New Year

Michelle Garside knows something about taking an ordinary day, adding a little intention, mixing in a serving of playfulness, and thus...


Naveen Jain Says the Sky Is Not the Limit, When It Comes to Well-being

Tech entrepreneur Naveen Jain has taken on some of the world’s biggest challenges—from improving public health and education to future space colonization.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Challenge: Well-Nest: Tap the Mindset of Abundance, Community and the Magic of Wellness

The challenge for December is to treat each meal as a wishing-well moment.


Candice Kumai Cooks Nourishment of a Different Kind

The concept of kintsugi now infuses Candice Kumai's work, as well as her idea of physical health and psychological well-being.

Editor's Challenge

Editor’s Challenge: Wellness for All

If ever there was a need for dedicated self-care and expanded wellness, it is now.

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24Life Editor’s Challenge: Raise Your Voice

October is always full of excitement, anticipation for change and intriguing energy, the magical type the season transfers in a harvest.


How to Restore Our Sense of Well-Being With Dr. Richard Miller

We all know that we need to limit our screen time for our mental and physical health. Less screen time is more time for real-life connections, movement and regeneration.


Michael Fishman shares trends in the wellness space

His might not be a household name, but Michael Fishman has quietly built a reputation as the marketing mastermind behind some of the hottest brands—and some of the longest-lived ones—in health and wellness.


Build Your Voice and Change the World With Celebrity Voice Coach Roger Love

“You are not the voice you were born with,” says the world’s number one celebrity voice coach Roger Love. “You were born with an instrument, but nobody showed you how to use it.”