By: Lashaun Dale


Jim Kwik Unlocks Your Potential in Uncertain Times, with “Limitless”

Under stay-at-home requirements, many of us have been trying out new skills or hobbies (baking sourdough, anyone?). And The Guardian reports...


Real Money Talk With Elena Brower

Ed. note: As circumstances require many of us to revisit our finances and even rethink how we earn a living, some...


20 Body and Brain Upgrades From Ben Greenfield To Start Today

We have an enduring and complete lack of realization of our full human potential, but what if this didn’t have to...


Koya Webb: From Self-Care Will Come Answers—and Purpose

While recovering from her first injury, Koya Webb discovered yoga and quickly saw the mind/body benefits of moving meditation.


Lessons From the Woman Who Grows Lifestyle and Wellness Superstars

Sarah Hall, founder of the award-winning boutique PR firm Sarah Hall Productions, put the health and wellness category on the map.


Productivity Expert Ari Meisel on Streamlining Your Life

Ari Meisel believes that the key to achieving your goals lies not within a busy schedule but instead within fierce clarity and strategic use of time.


Teneshia Jackson Warner Inspires Other Daring Spirits to Live Their Dreams

For award-winning multicultural marketing expert, author and entrepreneur Teneshia Jackson Warner, quitting was never an option. She knows what it takes...


Seven Self-Care Stretches Before Bed

Anytime is the perfect moment to refresh your bedtime routine.


Rethink Your New Year’s Goals: Advice From Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain, CEO and founder of Viome, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation....


Healing Starts With You, Says Kelly Noonan Gores

“You are not a helpless victim,” says wellness luminary Kelly Noonan Gores, author of the new book “Heal: Discover Your Unlimited...


Saving Grace—3 Winter Solstice Rituals To Restore Sanity In A Busy Schedule

The last thing you need right now in the middle of a busy and expedited holiday season is yet another thing...


Kelly McGonigal on Falling (Back) in Love With Movement

Kelly McGonigal believes that the fitness industry’s prioritization of calorie loss and physical appearance can take the joy out of exercise.


Best-Selling Author Ryan Holiday Explains Why You Need Stillness

Over the past nine years, Ryan Holiday has written nine books and established himself as a modern-day philosopher.


Chip Conley Makes the Case for Wisdom—Cultivating and Sharing It

When Chip Conley was 26, he started Joie de Vivre Hospitality, which would eventually become the second-largest boutique hotel company in the U.S.


Kira Stokes Sweats the Small Stuff—And Keeps Fitness Fun

“I’m a bit of an Energizer Bunny,” Kira Stokes admits while visiting with 24Life in a New York studio.


Soulful Success—Is It Possible? Publicist Tanya Khani Says Yes.

Tanya Khani, known in most exclusive media circles as the Soulful Publicist, is the public relations representative of choice to wellness thought leaders, social impact leaders and wellness brands across the world.

James Maskell Lifestyle

James Maskell: In Good Health

“The No. 1 driver of mortality isn’t alcohol, nutrition, smoking or physical inactivity, it’s social stress, … and that’s predominantly driven...


Sugar Baby No More: How to Reset After a Candy Binge

You now know that the impulsive holiday candy binge was not the best idea and your body, mind and day are...

Game Changers

David Beebe: From Homeless Veteran to Branded Entertainment Producer

David Beebe was once told by a military lawyer that he’d never amount to anything, after being discharged from the U.S....


Our Own Worst Enemy: Overcoming Self-Sabotage With Dr. Judy Ho

Every single person on this planet, according to Ho, is guilty of self-sabotage, a phenomenon she defines as getting in our own way despite our best intentions.


Stanford Graham’s Elements for Success Solves Athletes’ Culinary Conundrum

Graham embarked on a new journey, stepping away from his attorney role and into the world of food science and nutrition.


Dr. Amy Killen: The Regenerative Power of Stem Cells

Dr. Amy Killen knows firsthand the importance of a healthy lifestyle as preventative medicine.

Game Changers

Dave Asprey: Why We Need To Be Super Human

In what might be his most inspirational and aspirational offering yet, Dave Asprey, the creator of Bulletproof coffee, Upgrade Labs and...

Gabrielle Bernstein smiling and wearing a blue plain shirt and standing against a grey wall Mindset

Manifest Well with Spiritual Teacher and Best-Selling Author Gabrielle Bernstein

The author of seven spiritual self-help books, Gabrielle Bernstein serves as a personal coach to those who want to tap into their spirit and achieve true happiness.


Meet Elena Brower

A mama, student, teacher, speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur, Elena Brower has had her hands in a steady stream of creative, meaningful projects.


Jennifer Pastiloff Gets You

We sat down with Jennifer Pastiloff to discuss her best-selling book and how she came to realize that her most valuable asset was her most honest self.