By: Kathleen Alleaume


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Are some nuts or seeds better than others?


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The nutrition of protein and the flavor and texture of a candy bar — what more (or less) could you ask for? Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume takes a closer look.


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When it comes to water there’s a plethora of options beyond the ordinary tap.

smoothies Nourishment

Simple smoothie recipes

Post workout Sip away soreness with this delicious blend of antioxidant-rich berries and ginger to help reduce the swelling and inflammation...


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Whether it’s for shedding a few pounds, training for a half-marathon or building muscle, yogurt is the ultimate snack, provided you...


Fermented Food: What’s the Fuss?

It’s long been a staple in supermarkets, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve tried kombucha tea (or know what’s in it)....



Not all superfoods are exotic beans or berries. Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume explores six super nutritious “ordinary” foods we should be eating every day.


Green juicing: health or hype?

Today, the hottest juicing trend is green juice. While vegetable juice is nothing new, green juicing in particular uses large quantities...