By: Jiji Pollock


Resilience Is the New Strong

Now is the time for health and resiliency. With the advent of COVID-19, it’s time you occupy an unbreakable body. But...

somatotype Movement

What’s Your (Body) Type?

Body type is much more than outward appearance. Learn your somatotype to better understand your body and how to take care of yourself.


4 Moves to Help You Open Up After Sitting All Day

Have you been sitting at your desk, driving all day, or flying across the country? These low-key recovery moves are terrific...

metabolic-conditioning-lateral-workout Movement

Move Aside (to Side): Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Take your workout in a different direction with this lateral metabolic conditioning sequence to strengthen your outer- and inner-thigh muscles.

Man stretching hamstrings in forward fold at gym Movement

Workout: Hammy It Up!

Do your hamstrings decide to “hammy it up” when you try to move quickly?  Hamstring tightness or poor flexibility has been...


Cardio Workout: No Treadmill Required

Cardiovascular fitness is one of the essential fitness components. Cardiovascular fitness helps improve your brain function and sleep, helps lower blood...


Workout: Contralateral Training

Even if you only have time to do half of your workout, your whole body experiences some benefit from the hormonal...


Imaginary Strength Training: The Effects of Half the Workout

Imagination is a first step in developing your reality. So imagine pretending to perform biceps curls and actualizing arms like Arnold...


Workout: A New Stance On Squats

Take a different stance in your squats. Perform three sets of each exercise by changing the position of your feet: Go...


Workout: Get a Leg Up

Be like a kangaroo and get a leg up on your leg strength. Kangaroos are animals with amazing locomotion, taking advantage...


Refine Your Workout: It’s More Than the Six-Pack

Your six-pack, or your front abdominal wall, is just one aspect of toned abs. Are you familiar with your internal and...


3 Moves to Improve Your Body Balance

Improve your total-body balance with these three moves when you need a low-key workout. You’ll strengthen deep muscles of your body,...


Four Moves to Open Your Shoulders and Chest

We sit frequently throughout the day—commuting to work, sitting at our desks or in meetings, looking at our phones, watching television....


Exercise Your DNA: How Exercise Improves Your DNA

You’ve seen the countless motivational quotes: “Your health is your wealth.” “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you...


Leg Power: Resisted Running Workout

Train your body for more leg power with these short-resisted acceleration exercises. Short bursts of acceleration are necessary in life, especially...


Superset Your Workout

Work on your lower and upper body by pushing this metabolic-conditioning workout. Supersetting these four exercises will get your heart rate...


Single-Leg Strength Workout

Improve your single-leg strength with these three single-leg strengthening exercises.  You’ll work those stabilizing muscles necessary for single-leg balance in walking,...


Strengthen Your Myofascial Lines

Strengthen your myofascial meridians with this total-body workout. There are approximately 12 myofascial lines connecting your muscles and internal organs. Your...


Not Sure What To Do Today? AMRAP It Up!

Got a resistance band? Got 10, 15 or 20 minutes? Need a workout to work on your cardio and strength? AMRAP...


Make It Mobile, Make It Stronger: Bodyweight Mobility and Strength Workout

This bodyweight sequence provides your body with mobility and strength.


’Tis the Season — Give Yourself a Breath

No need for “bah humbug.” Find your happy place—it’s time to take a breath!


24 Ways to Use a Step in Your Workout

The step has been around since the late 1980s. It is a versatile piece of equipment used for strength and cardio...


Make a Shift With HIFT

HIFT’s (high-intensity functional training) main goal is targeting all components of fitness: strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility in a short amount of time.


How to Prepare for Indoor Running

Treadmill running is a terrific way to keep you running in your fitness game ... don’t let fair weather stop you! All you have to do is keep your body prepared for the changes with treadmill running.


Mind Over Muscle

For many gym workouts, Monday is chest day, but why not flex even more muscle by making it brain day? Go mind over muscle with this brain workout.


24 Ways to Use a SandBell in Your Workout

SandBells add variability to any type of core, power or traditional strength-type workout  and are a fantastic way to work on...

Person wearing a yellow jacket running up a flight of stairs Movement

Take Back Your Power – The Value of Training for Power

Who needs to train for muscular power? Everyone! It isn’t about how fast you move, it’s about the intent to move at your fastest pace.


24 Ways to Use a Resistance Band in Your Workout

Resistance bands, commonly known as pro bands or monster bands, add variable resistance to a workout program. They can accommodate every...


A Deeper Look at Perfect Form

There is no such thing as perfect form. Practice moving every day in different ways, different speeds and different angles to keep moving in life.


This HIIT Workout is Just Four Explosive Moves for the 4th of July

Get the firework show started early with this explosive total-body, zero equipment required Fourth of July HIIT workout. Four rounds of...