By: Erica Tillinghast


Introducing Core Into Your Cardio Workout on the Adaptive Motion Trainer

Walk into any gym during peak hours and you join fellow participants on the quest to find an open treadmill, elliptical...

Game Changers

Hacks to Get Yourself a Runner’s High

Get a mental buzz from your next run with these four tips.


12 Common Form Mistakes in Your Workout

Spare your spine, muscles and joints from added stress by avoiding these form faux pas. Before you worry about increasing your...


Strength Training Tips for Active Aging

Build strength to improve quality of life with these four strength training tips.


Five Ways to Get Into the Mindset of Exercising Regularly

Try these tricks for those times when you don’t feel like working out.


How to Know If You’ve Done a Good Workout

Could your workouts be stronger? Check for these five signs of solid training.


Six Ways to Banish Muscle Cramps

Treat your muscles well for a pain-free workout.


Seven Ways Fitness Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Here’s how staying active fights the winter slump.


The Pros and Cons of Eating Before Your Workout

Details on the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and what happens to your body when you work out without eating. Whether or...


How Long Does It Take to Lose Your Fitness Progress?

Skipping the gym without a good reason isn’t worth the setback. We all want to adhere to our fitness plans, but...

great week of workouts Movement

Eight Tips for Fitting in a Solid Week of Workouts

How to make training fit into your busy life. When you have a busy schedule, it can feel impossible to fit...


Five Reasons You Should Add Walking to Your Long-Distance Running Program

Telling runners to slow down may seem counter-intuitive, but long-distance runners can benefit from adding walking to their training schedule. Here...


Get the Most Out of Your Hotel Gym

How to stay fit when you’re on the road. Hotel gyms range from bare bones all the way up to top-end...


10 Christmas Morning Stretches for the Whole Family

Start the holidays with a healthy mind and body. The holidays are the perfect time to get together with family, indulge...


Avoid these Six Cardio Machine Mistakes

In order to get a good workout every time, steer clear of these common habits. People make all sorts of mistakes...


Four Times When Steady-State Cardio is the Way to Go

Sometimes, slow and steady wins the fitness race. Steady-state cardio often gets a bad rap, and the reputation is understandable. There...


Speed vs. Resistance on the Indoor Bike

How to improve your cycling workout … Indoor cycling is an effective, low-impact way to break a sweat, but you want...


Six Ways to Jump-Start a Fitness Program at Any Age

Fitness is important for people during all stages of life, and maintaining an active lifestyle as you age is critical to...


Three Signs you Should Increase Your Workout Intensity

Have you hit a plateau in your fitness progress? Here are three easy ways to tell when it’s time to ramp...


Sports-Specific Training: Skiing

Get ready to shred the slopes with these skiing-focused exercises. Skiing is a physically intensive, full-body sport, which engages your quadriceps,...

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Are You Fit Enough to Be a Firefighter?

Firefighters need to be physically ready for a challenge at a moment’s notice. Firefighters. They’re quick to arrive at the scene...


Sports-Specific Training: Golf

Improve your game on the green with these 14 exercises. Fall is here, bringing with it all of the outdoor sports...


Sports-Specific Training: Kayaking

Hone your paddling muscles with these 11 exercises. It takes more than strong arms to navigate through rapid waters: kayaking is...

tennis-sports-training Movement

Sports-Specific Training: Tennis

Prepare to dominate on the court with these 11 exercises. Break out your racket and sneakers and get ready to spend...


Workout Challenges for the Whole Family

Here are some fun ways to add fitness to your family time. Between work, family time, and fitness, it can often...


Are Pre-Programmed Elliptical Workouts Right for You

Take the guesswork out of your gym session with preset programs. Elliptical workouts are easy to personalize: you can adjust the...

momentum Mindset

Six Ways to Keep Your Fitness Momentum Going All Year

The end of summer often signals a return to routine and, for exercisers who live in colder climates, taking workouts back inside. Many people reaffirm their commitment to fitness in the fall and winter, but if you’re not careful, it can be easy to slip into a winter slump. While it may be tempting to stay cozy at home, to reap the full benefits of an active lifestyle, you need to maintain your exercise habits year round.


Cardio or Strength First? An Expert Gives a Professional Opinion

Order matters when it comes to sequencing your workout. If you’re performing both strength training and cardio in a single workout,...

Surfing Movement

Sports-Specific Training: Surfing

Surfing is physically demanding and comes with a learning curve, but once you pick it up, it’s one of the best...


Sports-Specific Training: Volleyball

Spike your way to success with these 11 exercises. You need to jump high and dive hard if you want to...