By: Elle Penner, MPH RD


Afterglow Smoothie

Seize the afterglow of a tough workout (and boost recovery while you’re at it!) with this refreshing, vitamin-packed afterglow smoothie.


One-Pot Lentil Bolognese

This flavor-packed lentil Bolognese is simple to make and good enough to bring together the vegan and meat-loving guests at your table.


Slow-Cooker Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

This creamy, supper-worthy soup is packed with good-for-you grains and fresh vegetables...

Breakfast cookies arranged on a circular cooling rack Nourishment

Superfood Breakfast Cookies

These breakfast cookies are made from whole-grain oats and packed with superfoods like pistachios, dried cherries, cinnamon, chia seeds and flaxseed.

A white bowl containing Mediterranean zucchini noodle and tomato salad Nourishment

Mediterranean Zucchini Tomato Salad

This simple Mediterranean zucchini salad features crisp zucchini and summer squash “noodles” tossed in a flavor-packed feta dressing.


One-Pan Almond-Crusted Salmon and Broccoli

When it comes to quick, satisfying, good-for-you dinners, this one-pan almond-crusted salmon and broccoli recipe is a family favorite.

A table with a green ginger smoothie in a glass, a sliced avocado, a sliced orange, and a bunch of spinach Nourishment

Green Ginger Smoothie Packets

Make smoothies the nutritious, no-fuss, and nutritious breakfast or snack they were truly meant to be with the packet approach.

Healthy granola bowls filled with yogurt and fruit Nourishment

DIY Granola Bowls With Homemade Coconut Granola

This homemade granola makes a wonderful breakfast by itself, with milk or stirred into yogurt, and it doubles as a nutritious, kid-friendly snack with crunch.

spring-pasta-with-vegetables-and-lemon Nourishment

Spring-Clean Your Weeknight Pasta Recipe

This creamy veggie pasta, featuring fresh snap peas and asparagus, is all you'll want to eat this spring.


Mini Trifles for Two

Though decadent, these mini trifles are perfectly portioned for two, but they are also plenty big enough to share if you have one or two hopefuls hovering around with spoons in hand.


Lemon-Grass Coconut Quinoa Is a Refreshing Twist on Comfort Food

If you’re looking for a quick veggie-packed meal to balance all the extra indulgences and to-do’s these next few weeks, give this lemon-grass coconut quinoa a try.


Pancetta-Sage Pumpkin Carbonara

If you’re ready to move on from the pumpkin spice latte but not entirely ready to abandon fall’s favorite squash just yet, this pumpkin carbonara is a must-try.


Bone Broth, Revisited 

If you’ve wandered down the soup aisle of a grocery store lately, chances are you’ve noticed chicken stock and beef bullion’s new cousin: bone broth.


Orange Ginger Cayenne Kicker

Fresh OJ, a squeeze of lemon, freshly grated ginger, a dash of cayenne for a kick and a couple of drops of oil of oregano, this sweet but spicy elixir is the perfect, antioxidant-packed pick-me-up.


Celebrate the Bounty of Summer with This Zucchini Pesto Recipe

Come August, summer’s bounty is in full swing. Gardens everywhere are bursting with fresh fruits and veggies, including juicy tomatoes and...

Southwestern Salad Nourishment

You Can Take It With You – Southwestern Mason Jar Salad

If you struggle with the mess and time it takes to make salads like I do, Mason jar salads can certainly help you get in more leafy greens.


Refresh and Restore With Agua Fresca

Not only is this agua fresca hydrating and low in sugar, but it’s also full of antioxidants like lycopene, vitamin C and vitamin A, all of which fight free radicals.


This Well-Spiced Stew Feeds a Crowd

This sweet potato chickpea stew is a quick, one-pot meal that is hearty enough to feed a group of hungry friends and family...


This Is the Next Avocado Toast

Plan for the unexpected with sweet potato “toasts”—thin slices of sweet potato baked ahead and topped with tasty, nutritious options for a quick meal or snack.


Remake the Protein Shake

This post-workout treat provides 17 grams of quality protein while keeping to the ideal carb-to-protein ratio for optimal muscle repair and recovery after a tough training session.


Breakfast of Champions

These easy French toast muffins celebrate the weekend.


Recipe: Gingerbread Oatmeal Latte

Breakfast and your morning cup of coffee combine in one mug in this decadent and hearty latte. If you’re searching for...


Warmed by the Fire

Try this Holiday Hot Toddy on a cold winter’s night.


One-Pot Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

Whip up a warming bowl for convenience or colds. Touted for its abilities to nourish, heal and bring people together, chicken...


Food that Fuels

Quinoa and White Bean Burgers keep you going.


Easy Peasy

Freeze the extra—if there is any—when you make this quick pea pesto for busy weeknights.


A Treasured Recipe

Summer’s tomato bounty brings back memories – or creates new ones.