By: Dina Cheney


Can the Mediterranean Diet Prolong Life?

Let’s face it: Humans naturally thrive on novelty—so we’re always looking to the latest trendy diet for anything from weight loss to more energy and better health.

Future Forward

Food Gets Personal

The days of one-size-fits-all nutritional advice and mass-market snacks might soon be behind us.


When to Reach for a Sports Drink

For optimal athletic performance, your body needs hydration, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Liquids regulate body temperature, cushion joints and protect kidneys; carbohydrates...

Detox Nourishment

The Good Detox (Hint: No Starvation Required)

Detox. The word conjures up water and juice fasts, with hyper-motivated adherents battling fatigue and starvation in an ultimate quest for purified bodies, glowing skin and weight loss.


Getting in Mint Condition—6 Tips for Instant Herb Gardens

Fresh herbs should be a staple in the summer kitchen—and garden.


Want to Fuel Your Workouts? Get These Nutrients

They say it takes a village. A true statement—especially when it comes to the nutrients that best power our workouts.


Dipping a Toe in the (Rx) Waters

If you believe the hype about functional beverages, plain old H20 might seem lacking. Do you really need to up your water game?


A Smarter Breakfast by Design

Whenever I create a recipe, I solve a problem. Specifically, I aim to invent a dish that tastes delicious and—pun...


Getting Fit at 40

If you’re afraid that 40 is too late to ramp up your fitness routine, experts agree that is definitely not the case.


Big Fat Diet

Though it sounds like a distant planet or a term from high-school chemistry, the keto (ketogenic) diet is relatively simple.


How to Make a Love Potion

Move over, chocolate boxes and rose bouquets.


Victory on Ice

Try this raw bar celebration.


Your Year of Nutrition in Review

How to look backward and move forward—healthfully.


Ten Tips from 5 Pros for a Community Potluck

It’s healthy for you to get to know your neighbors or start a new tradition.


How to Detox from Sugar

Use this four-step process to cut down on your sugar consumption. We won’t sugar-coat it: The white stuff contributes to weight...


Nourishment, According to Kris Carr

The cancer survivor and New York Times best-selling author defines it on crazy, sexy terms.


Plan Your Kitchen to Help You Get Slim

Take these steps to banish temptation.


10 Ways to Incorporate Deep Nutrition into Your Diet

Why you should be eating liver and drinking bone broth. For maximum health, it pays to go deep. This means satisfying...


Global Eating Secrets

Discover the world in four lifestyle diets.


You’ll Never Guess What’s in This Low-Sugar Dark Chocolate

A mushroom extract is the new low-calorie sweetener substitute in this chocolaty treat. Bar none, the darkest chocolate is the healthiest: The...


Eat Outside the Box

Staple recipes let you get creative when a flavor craving strikes.


How to Eat Dessert Every Day

These 16 pantry staples make for guilt-free treats.


The Spice of Life

Venture beyond your comfort zone with spices.


Energy to Go

What should runners eat?


Get a Top Nutritionist’s Secrets for Eating Healthfully

Joy Bauer gives us the skinny.


Crack the Diet Code

Choose a healthy eating plan for life.


Make a Smooth Transition

From overindulgent holiday meals to something healthier in 24 minutes – or less!


Paleo Power

Q&A with best-selling Paleo cookbook author Danielle Walker.


Please Your Palate, Nourish Your Soul

Cooking with fresh autumn produce adds an extra dash of pleasure to your everyday nourishment.


Enjoy Your Food for Better Health

Good nutrition is easier — and more pleasurable — than you might think.