By: Dina Cheney


8 Secrets of Warming Soups and Stews

As the leaves fall and the air takes on a chill, nothing comforts like a warm soup or stew simmering on...


How Hormones Affect Exercise

Exercise performance is affected by more than our bones, joints and muscles. Hormones, or chemicals produced by glands and essential to...


How to Make 5-Minute Microwave Mug Meals

Think beyond just reheating leftover pizza by whipping up delicious and nourishing microwave mug meals with these simple recipes.

Closeup of hands holding a spoon and a glass of chia seed pudding with cut fruit Nourishment

Chia Seed Pudding, Four Ways

Chia seed pudding is a nutrient-packed, wholesome and verstaile dish. Read on to get the lowdown and recipes on chia seeds.

Closeup of a child happily eating a piece of toast with nut butter Nourishment

Go Nuts With Nut Butters!

Nut butters are delicious and protein-packed spreads. Learn how to make them yourself and cook with different varieties of nut and seed butters.


Healing Your Cells With Superfoods

Superheroes of the food world, “superfoods” feature a high density of nutrients. These nutrients, including protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals,...


Hot Off the Press: 9 Pro Cooking Shortcuts

With summer around the corner, the outdoors beckon. Read on for tips from experts on ways to streamline cooking.


Should You Drink Coffee?

Despite its roots in Ethiopia, coffee is as American as apple pie. For many of us, brewing an antioxidant-rich cup is a staple of our morning routine—no less important than brushing our teeth.


Cook to Feel Good With Abbie Cornish and Jacqueline King Schiller’s New Cookbook

Grab a cooking partner and get in the kitchen, suggest award-winning actress Abbie Cornish (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,” “Missouri,” Amazon’s “Jack...

9-ways-to-make-cooking-fun Nourishment

9 Ways to Make Cooking Fun

Transform meal prep from an arduous task into an enjoyable part of your daily routine with 9 simple steps.


Joy Bauer’s Genius Food Hacks for Muscle Aches and More

Experiencing muscle cramps or belly bloat? Who isn’t? Before you book a doctor’s appointment, consider starting in the kitchen.


Five Things You Didn’t Know About Digestion

Eat, absorb nutrients from food and poop out the rest. If only digestion were that simple.


Diet Secrets From a Social Media Superstar

When he set out to lose weight several years ago, Kevin Curry had no idea that his personal endeavor would inspire a large-scale fitness and nutrition movement.


Your Gut Is the Second Brain

Digestion might seem simple, yet the system controlling it is actually quite complex.


Do You Need Supplements? 

Venture into any large drugstore these days and encounter a veritable A to Z of supplements—everything from vitamins and minerals to prebiotics, probiotics, and fish oil. The question is: are these pills panaceas or are they not as necessary as sometimes touted—and what’s right for you?  


Can the Mediterranean Diet Prolong Life?

Let’s face it: Humans naturally thrive on novelty—so we’re always looking to the latest trendy diet for anything from weight loss to more energy and better health.

Future Forward

Food Gets Personal

The days of one-size-fits-all nutritional advice and mass-market snacks might soon be behind us.


When to Reach for a Sports Drink

For optimal athletic performance, your body needs hydration, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Liquids regulate body temperature, cushion joints and protect kidneys; carbohydrates...

Detox Nourishment

The Good Detox (Hint: No Starvation Required)

Detox. The word conjures up water and juice fasts, with hyper-motivated adherents battling fatigue and starvation in an ultimate quest for purified bodies, glowing skin and weight loss.


Getting in Mint Condition—6 Tips for Instant Herb Gardens

Fresh herbs should be a staple in the summer kitchen—and garden.


Want to Fuel Your Workouts? Get These Nutrients

They say it takes a village. A true statement—especially when it comes to the nutrients that best power our workouts.


Dipping a Toe in the (Rx) Waters

If you believe the hype about functional beverages, plain old H20 might seem lacking. Do you really need to up your water game?


A Smarter Breakfast by Design

Whenever I create a recipe, I solve a problem. Specifically, I aim to invent a dish that tastes delicious and—pun...


Getting Fit at 40

If you’re afraid that 40 is too late to ramp up your fitness routine, experts agree that is definitely not the case.


Big Fat Diet

Though it sounds like a distant planet or a term from high-school chemistry, the keto (ketogenic) diet is relatively simple.


How to Make a Love Potion

Move over, chocolate boxes and rose bouquets.


Victory on Ice

Try this raw bar celebration.


Your Year of Nutrition in Review

How to look backward and move forward—healthfully.


Ten Tips from 5 Pros for a Community Potluck

It’s healthy for you to get to know your neighbors or start a new tradition.


How to Detox from Sugar

Use this four-step process to cut down on your sugar consumption. We won’t sugar-coat it: The white stuff contributes to weight...