By: Derek Beres


6 Ways to Hack Your Immune System

Scott Carney knows all about immune system hacks. The anthropologist and investigative journalist set out in 2011 to prove that Wim...


Your Yoga Playlist

If there were ever a moment when the world needed yoga, we are now living through it. Anxiety management is in...

studio-cycling-playlist Movement

Your Studio Cycling Playlist

This studio cycling playlist curated by instructor Derek Beres will help you keep your feet spinning and your legs climbing.


5 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2020

The big spend for many of us is food—specifically, how much money we spend eating out.


HIIT Playlist

Rolling into another year, I’ll be focusing on playlists for a variety of workout modalities throughout 2020. As the gym is...


The Musical Soul of 2019

While every year is a good year for music, some seem better than others. To rephrase, 2019 was an amazing year...


The Soul of Mali

Our personal preferences for music are deeply entwined with our upbringing and the culture we were raised in. Music is a...


Microplastics Are Everywhere—Including Our Bodies

Plastic is ubiquitous. Even recycling bins, an instrument invented to help consumers deal with our plastic problem, are usually constructed from...


Playlist: The Soul of Brazil

Brazilian music is one of the most beloved in the world—diverse, too. Brazil doesn’t have a sound, but numerous styles spread...


Playlist: The Musical Soul of India

No single playlist could encompass the astounding and complex musical traditions of India. With a population of more than 1.3 billion,...

male-running-outside-on-track Mindset

Uncovering and Destigmatizing Male Body Dysmorphia in Popular Culture

While toxic masculinity and efforts to tackle it through entertainment and advertising have polarized the internet and, in some cases, even...

close up of man on his phone listening to music through headphones Lifestyle

The Soul and Sound of the Middle East

Just as the Middle East is home to the world’s first city-states and widespread agricultural developments, the land remains one of...


Summer Sounds Like the Soul of Jazz

While jazz is a truly American art form, its roots in West African musical expression and European military marching music make...


The Musical Soul of the Balkans

The opening track of this month’s playlist, “Hermetico,” might not sound familiar at first. Give it a minute. Literally. At the...


A Playlist Showcasing the Sounds of West Africa

According to the United Nations, West Africa consists of 16 countries. Musically speaking, “West African music” is quite varied, though a...


A Playlist Embodying the Soul of Reggae

We all have origin stories. My introduction to reggae occurred in May 1989 while traveling to Virginia during my high-school senior...


Discover the Musical Sounds of Ethiopia

It’s hard to believe that one man could have brought a lost musical generation to the world, but that’s exactly what...


December’s Playlist Just Keeps Giving

December is a time for reflection, a respite from the weight of the year, a moment to pause, gather with family...


You Can Practically Taste This Month’s Food-Centric Playlist

The two quickest ways to learn about a culture are through its music and food. To many of us, food and...


Embrace Radical Transparency and Authenticity With October’s Playlist

This month’s theme involves two important concepts: radical transparency and authenticity. The notion of anything being “radical” is because of a...


September’s Playlist Can Help You Change Your Mind and Your Life

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred,” writes Walt Whitman in his epic 1855 poem “I Sing the Body...


August’s Playlist Will Make You Sweat

Summer took a while to make itself known here in Los Angeles. Yet when summer finally hit in July, it did...

Future Forward

Living With Climate Change

One of the first items I bought upon moving to Los Angeles was an earthquake survival kit.


Travel the Globe With July’s Playlist

My wife and I recently returned from our honeymoon. As with every time I travel internationally, it was a reminder of...


Celebrate What Your Body Can Do With This Playlist to Fuel Your Workouts

Obesity was once considered a sign of affluence. For many centuries and across cultures, extra weight meant you could eat—an important...


Relive Coachella’s Community Vibe with May’s Playlist that Goes Beyond Beyoncé

In his latest book “12 Rules for Life” (Random House Canada, 2018), Canadian psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson offers a frank...


A Playlist for Rest

It’s easy to take being born into a democracy for granted. We tend to forget our social responsibilities. The greatest example...


Muscle Up with March’s Playlist

We’re experiencing rising levels of dementia in an aging population. Along with that, the need for more health care and hospice...


A Soundtrack of Love

This playlist will take you through all the emotional stages of love. Little is known of Saint Valentine himself—“he” even might...


A Playlist to Feed Your Adrenaline and Fuel Your Workouts

This month, drive your New Year’s fitness goals with this high-energy playlist. Celebrating the New Year together offers us a collective...