By: Chris Roussos


Go With Your Gut

Gut health (specifically the population of healthy microbes that help with digestion) and the brain-gut connection have generated a lot of attention in recent years.


Grow Your Own Biome

Good health is something that doesn’t always come naturally, and sometimes we have to take steps toward it that also have not-so-desirable effects.


Try This: Zumba Class

What has surprised me the most about stepping in to lead this game-changing company is how much the “softer” side of fitness impacts lasting results.


I Went On A Weekend-Long Digital Detox—Here’s What Happened

I am also a steadfast believer that the human mind is incredibly powerful, and understand that unplugging can make us capable of so much more creativity, spirituality, healing and understanding.

Water Break Regeneration

Water Break: A 24Hour Fast

Intermittent fasting is a simple and powerful strategy. It’s easy to understand and straightforward to follow.


Float Free

Floating in salt water for spiritual and therapeutic reasons has been around for centuries.


Spartan Up!

Adventure races and epic physical challenges demand that we give all that we have physically, mentally and emotionally. Spartan Race participants come in many shapes and sizes, but they all are passionate about fitness, relish teamwork and embrace challenges.


The Last Straw

The assignment was not quite what I expected: Go on a plastic diet. But I’ve subscribed to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle for years. How difficult could it be?


Accept the Invitation From a POP Star

A POP Pilates class has an inclusive vibe that’s electric, as the instructor encourages participants and the participants’ enthusiasm invigorates the instructor.


Leap Into Lovingkindness!

February is the month of love and friendship, and at the root of these experiences is a deep commitment to kindness.


Take the Plunge Into Cold Therapy

24 Hour Fitness CEO Chris Roussos tests the (ice) waters.