By: Carey Rossi


The Change Master: John Berardi’s Second Act Will Help You, Too

John Berardi, Ph.D., has always been changing.

A closeup of a person's hands holding soil while standing in a sunny field Nourishment

Why Soil Health Should Be the Next Food Trend

If you’re trying to eat better, knowing how our food is grown determines how healthy it is. That's why soil health is growing to become the next food trend.


Take a Break From These Food Rules

If you’re sick of the typical rules that define a diet, you’ve come to the right place. The following guide is designed to help you replace restrictions with a more nuanced approach to goal-based nutrition.


Rethink Hydration This Winter

Making sure we drink enough can be a chore in the summer—and even more so in the winter.


Your Pre-Workout Nutrition Questions, Answered

If you want to reach your fitness goals, what you eat and when is crucial. And while we know that eating...


Answers From Athletes About Plant-Powered Performance

While meat eaters still vastly outnumber vegetarians among top athletes, more have been going all-out vegan—and proving the stereotypes wrong.


Protein-Powder Smackdown

Find out if your favorite protein powder deserves a place in your shaker.


How to Be Famous and Fit

It’s awards season, when red carpet looks mean everything. How do Hollywood’s elite stay fit and fabulous? 


Go With the Flow

How tapping into the energies surrounding you may help you get more done.


Why is Pumpkin Spice Such a Seasonal Phenomenon?

Pumpkin spice latte illustrates how food engineering has a hold on our taste buds … and our memories.


A One-Minute Workout Could Keep You Healthy

Researcher and author Martin Gibala, Ph.D., explains how.


You Should Be Taking Collagen

Include this popular supplement in your nutrition plan.


Find Your Sense of Hunger

It’s actually good to feel our natural hunger cues.


The Brain’s Creative Chaos

Say goodbye to left brain, right brain thinking. The secret to creativity’s neuroscience is deeper than that.


Do We Really Need to Drink Water?

A look at how various beverages hydrate compared with water.


Why We Should Bet on Whole Foods

Here’s the simple reason that a simple diet can prevent disease.


6 Ways Fear Makes You Stronger

Flip your outlook on the emotion that freezes you.


What Is Muscle Confusion?

The mind-muscle connection may hold the key to the effectiveness of this popular training belief.


Should You Try Intermittent Fasting?

Here’s some food for thought about this buzzy eating regimen.


Why Stem Cells Are the Future of Medicine

Susan Solomon has found a way to unlock stem cells’ potential to treat disease.


Here’s What Happens When You Eat in Silence

Discover the four ways your body experiences food without ambient noise.


Why You Should Eat Your Sprouts

These little bundles carry a huge health punch; here’s how to get the most from them safely.