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Unpack Your Excuses for Success With Nick Routson

Nick Routson, general manager of 24 Hour Fitness Fullerton Super-Sport Gym and former fitness manager, loves one thing more than fitness, and that’s people.

Game Changers

Meet Girlboss Founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso

Girlboss founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso is not afraid to share a lot of her life on social media. It’s not...


Training Tuesday: Workout For the Ages

These compound movements will train mobility and total-body stability as you build strength. Cross-body movement enhances your neurological function. All you...


A Boot Camp-Inspired Workout on Veteran’s Day

Boot camp-style workouts became popular more than 30 years ago and we’re still in awe of the mental and physical strength...

Game Changers

Storytelling Tips From Branded Content Master David Beebe

David Beebe, founder of Storified Brands, has earned an Emmy, a Cannes Lions Award and a James Beard Award for his...


Ruba Wilson Is the Real Deal

It’s hard to keep track of Ruba Wilson as his influence and list of projects continue to grow. The television celebrity,...


Ready for Anything: Drills and Skills

Mobility, metabolic conditioning and strength training combine for the ultimate drills-and-skills workout—so you can be ready for anything that comes your way.


This Five-Move Cardio Strength Workout Takes Only 15 Minutes

This program is designed to enhance your cardio strength.


GX24 Instructor Maggie Chen Pays It Forward After Dropping 60 Pounds

“Someone gave me a corporate membership, and I was thinking, How could I even walk into that gym? I’m more than 60 pounds overweight,” Maggie Chen says.


Help Your Kids Hit Reset on Their Bad Mood

Even after the tantrums and split-second mood swings of toddlerhood have passed, children still need a lot of help navigating their...


How to Stop Self-Sabotage on Monday Morning

If it’s not even 11 a.m. and you are already cursing a lousy start to a new week on your new...


Start and End Your Workday Right

How you start and end your workday can have a huge impact on your success at the office and happiness at...


9 Tips to Tap Into Your Creativity

Believe it or not, we are all creative by nature. Creativity doesn’t have to look like the arts, and you definitely...


This 70-Year-Old Works Out to Feel Strong and Happy

“I love the work because it loves me back,” says George Velazquez, GX24 instructor at 24 Hour Fitness Saddle Brook Sport...


7 Self-Care Strategies for 7 Moods

Self-care is essentially doing the things that support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being on a regular basis—getting enough sleep,...


This Man Is Proving to Himself that Anything Is Possible

Manny Lazarit, a member at 24 Hour Fitness Glendora Sport, is breaking his own barriers, and his GX24 instructor says that’s...


Bo Eason: How Top Performers use Sunday to Rock Monday

So many people start the week with complete dread—as the song goes, just another manic Monday. Worse, the Monday dread starts to seep...


Five Moves For a Quick Friday Night Fit Glow

TGIF got you running for the weekend fun? Good, go then, but don’t let your fitness take a hit on the...


This Personal Trainer Sets Attainable Goals on the Path to Wellness

“My goal [as a trainer] is to show others that the goals that may seem unreachable are much easier to attain...


A Fall Equinox Ritual with Aarona Lea

We’re so excited to share an exclusive and empowering fall equinox ritual from Aarona Lea, yoga teacher and author/co-creator of ‘The...


Yoga Work-In

Time is a precious resource, and just when you think you don’t have enough of it for both a workout and self-care, a yoga work-in comes to the rescue.


Upper-Body Workout

Train your arms, back and core with this upper-body workout plan.


How One Woman Is Working Toward Walking on Her Own

Diagnosed with a neurological disease called hereditary spastic paraplegia, 24 Hour Fitness San Leandro Sport Gym member Debra Kerr relied heavily...

Miranda Guerra poses with one arm behind her head while wearing fitness clothing outside on a city block Mindset

A Fitness Coach and Social Influencer’s Three Tips for Healthier Self-Talk

The notion of self-love is both profound and long overdue, but how can you actually learn to practice it on a minute-by-minute basis?


Stressed Out? Move Your Body to Help Your Mind

Sunday Scaries holding you back today? When your mind is racing over past events or an uncertain future, sometimes movement can...

Tiffany Cruikshank sitting on yoga mat next to orange foam roller Regeneration

Three Moves for Fascial Health With a Foam Roller

Your fascial health is so important for performance, recovery and resilience, and to resist injury during training. Below are three moves...


For One Member, No Distance Is Too Great for a GX24 Class

Always impressed by members who consistently show up to class, even if that means rearranging their schedules, GX24 instructor Alex Kattar...

Game Changers

Fit for Impact: How One Woman Is Working Toward Walking On Her Own

Diagnosed with a neurological disease called hereditary spastic paraplegia, 24 Hour Fitness San Leandro Sport Gym member Debra Kerr relied heavily...


Three Glute-Shaping Moves That Aren’t Glute Bridges

Any trainer worth his or her salt will tell you that to build a strong behind, you should definitely incorporate glute...

Overhead shot of a tennis player throwing a ball in the air to serve it Movement

Workout: Total Body Upgrade

This high intensity training workout focuses on high reps and multi-directional movement so that you feel the burn—and feed your brain.