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Green Cuisine: Try These Three Salads Before Spring is Gone!

The signs are everywhere: Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and temperatures are warming—thank goodness it’s spring! Just as we threw...


Workout: Summer Body Now

Summer is coming, and we couldn’t be more excited for sunshine, outdoor barbecues and afternoons by the pool. This is also...

Emily Fletcher wears a blue short-sleeve dress and poses holding her infant child Mindset

Meditation Expert Emily Fletcher Talks About Motherhood and Meditation

Think being a mom and meditating go together like oil and water? Emily Fletcher, creator of Ziva Meditation and author of...


Better Body Now

Getting the body you want requires focus and the willingness to push yourself in new ways.

Nealy Fisher stands outside smiling over a table filled with plates of vegetables Nourishment

Nealy Fischer Models Self-Care in the Kitchen

Read on to learn how wellness entrepreneur Nealy Fischer treats herself with kindness in the kitchen and how you can, too.


Jorge Cruise Has the Road Map for Your Spring Transformation

There’s one word to describe celebrity fitness trainer and best-selling author Jorge Cruise: energy.

Larayia Gaston stands against a corrugated metal backdrop. Her hair is twisted with long blonde extensions and she wears a tan striped jacket and cross necklace. Regeneration

Larayia Gaston: Small Steps Build Strong Bonds With LA’s Forgotten

Lunch on Me (LOM), a nonprofit that serves thousands organic meals to the homeless on Los Angeles’ skid row, provides much more than food.


Six Ways to Keep Your Kids in the Present

The pace of today’s world, with schedules and deadlines and immediate communication, has us—and our kids—racing through life. We move from...

Game Changers

Marguerite Derricks Choreographs Joy for Diane Keaton and Stars of “Poms”

Many little girls fantasize about graduating from ballet class to the big stage when they grow up; Marguerite Derricks is not only...

Game Changers

Highly Successful People Share the Turning Points That Changed Their Life Trajectory

We all experience turning points in life. The decisions we make (or don’t make) can take us from one path to...


Stepping Out! Experts Explain How to Walk Your Way to Health

Are you feeling worn out? Stressed out? Bummed out? Then it’s time for you to step out! If there is such...

Game Changers

Get to Know Plated Co-Founder Elana Karp

Sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich is more than just bread and cheese; it’s soul food. Elana Karp, co-founder and head chef...


The Healing Power of Forgiving Yourself and Others

What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake or fail to reach a goal? If your inner monologue...


Workout: Under Your Own Steam

24Life asked Fabian Griffith to design a workout for spring, and his 30-minute routine incorporating the TRX Suspension Trainer, body weight and weighted movements will get you going toward your goals under your own steam.


Workout: Get a Move on Your Spring Training

Now is a great time to use body-weight movement to prepare for better mobility and movement ability, no matter what your preferred activity is or will be later in the season.

Couples-massage Regeneration

Massage 101: The Myth and the Magic

Licensed massage therapist Stacy Stevens educates us about the therapeutic benefits of massage.

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Tony Sanchez Is Still Going Strong

Eighty-five-year-old 24 Hour Fitness member Tony Sanchez credits his insatiable curiosity and his family for getting him into fitness and sticking...


Go From Sweaty to Ready With These (Natural) Post-Workout Refreshers

You work out five days a week. You eat clean and plant-based. You foam-roll and hydrate and do everything you’re supposed...

Game Changers

Celebrating the Women of Wellness on International Women’s Day

Here at 24Life, we firmly believe that strong women empower other women (and men) to be their best selves and to...

Diana-Mills-Dancing-with-Group Mindset

Diana Mills Moves to Balance

As a member of the “First Family of Fitness” and mother of three, Diana Mills shares her the secret to a leading a busy and fulfilling life.


Limber Up for Spring

Get ready for more active days by loosening up those stiff or tight joints with this total-body mobility set.

man-clapping-between-pushups Movement

Sweat Set HIIT Magic

This high-intensity interval program combines the popular power move with classic dumbbell strength builders to put some magic in your sweat.


Seven Workouts for Seven Moods

Whether you’re angry, nervous or riddled with excitement, there’s no mood a great sweat session can’t help shake or soothe.


Reggie Turner’s Turnaround

24 Hour Fitness member Reggie Turner was that kid who discovered he could shoot—and he became a Boys & Girls Club...


Get Fluent in Flirtation With Five Tips From Ariel Kiley

Some people are naturals when it comes to flirting. They innately know what to say and do to land a love...


Core Moves You’ll Love to Hate

Everyone loves the way strong abs look and the way a strong core feels (especially when they’re lifting a heavy suitcase or kid), but core workouts are possibly everyone’s favorite workout to hate.


You Got This: How to Persevere When You Don’t Really Feel Like It

No matter how motivated we are, or how soon we expect to see results, or how fantastic that new shirt is (and it is), ... we still need to put in the work.


Setting Boundaries and Disrupting Stress With Michelle Garside of Soul Camp

In the hustle and bustle of the new year, finding time for self-care, like working out or accomplishing other personal goals...


Game-Day-Ready Workout With the Los Angeles Rams

24 Hour Fitness, the official fitness sponsor of the Los Angeles Rams, wants to help you get game-day ready, as the...


How to Love Better in 2019 With Terri Cole

New Year’s resolutions often attempt to better the physical: eat healthier, exercise more, drink less. While a sound body can help...