Our ancestral switch from a Paleolithic diet of meat, nuts and seeds to one based on carbs such as bread and processed foods hasn’t just make us less healthy, but also less attractive, says a UK expert in ancestral orthodontics.

Since we’re no longer tearing at meat and gristle or chewing on hard nuts and seeds, evolution has been shrinking our jaws and receding our chins, throwing our teeth out of alignment and weakening jaw muscles.

“We are doing 5 percent of the effort of eating now than we did in the past,” says UK orthodontist Dr Michael Mews.

He dismisses current Paleo diets as “Paleo light.” He says: “We have gone from a very hard diet to a very soft diet. We had most of our food calories come from hard things, but then introduced all these carbohydrates which are soft to eat but highly nutritious. We are not making the effort anymore. I’m sorry, yes, eat good food, but eat hard food.”

Photo credit: Copyright © Shutterstock – Olinchuk.