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We share new ideas, connect you to results, ignite your passion, challenge your expectations and empower you to get what you truly want.

We believe that in order to
Move Forward,
You must Access your Mindset,
Nourish Your Body
And Regenerate Your Soul.


Our parent company is 24 Hour Fitness, and we are a community of committed men and women who stand together to create 24Life.

We believe that when mind, body and soul work together to make you stronger, happier and healthier, it’s not just called a better life; it’s called a fulfilling life.

24Life shines a light on all aspects of your lifestyle, to help you develop a positive and productive mindset, a smart strategy for movement, healthy nourishment habits for your body and regeneration practices for your soul.

By igniting your awareness and challenging your expectations across these four lifestyle factors, we’ll empower you to get what you really want and live your best right now.

MINDSET – Feed Your Life

An open mind is everything. Research shows that your outlook on life—what you believe and the language you use to describe it—directly impacts your well-being. Through awareness and active decision making, it’s possible to rewire your brain to learn new skills and habits, and to make positive changes in how you live and show up in your life.

MOVEMENT – Feed Your Body

Movement heals and liberates in more ways than we know. The ability to move with freedom is one of life’s greatest and most useful pleasures. Your quality of life improves when you move more, move better and move with intention every day.


A renewed relationship to nutrition fundamentally changes your physical experience today and in the future. It’s not just what you eat, but how much, how well, where, when and with whom you choose to share it. Get informed. Choose consciously. And eat well.


Everyone deserves to live a long, healthy life, to enjoy each day and to relish each night. Your approach to how you spend and restore your energy and time is a true and precious resource. From reflection and recovery, to play and sleep, self-care is truly crucial to thrive.

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Robin Rootenberg

Editor-in-Chief, Runner, Cat Lover

Robin Rootenberg is managing editor for 24Life and 24Life TV. Nothing makes her happier than the possibility of one more person rediscovering the joy of movement, or trying something new. A University of California Berkeley grad, her writing and communications career spans more than two decades, and she’s been running for even longer.

Favorite part of her 24: The crack of dawn.

Favorite beverage or snack: Water.

Go to 24-minute workout: Running.

Lashaun Dale

Lashaun Dale

Editor at Large, Yoga Instructor, Proud Mom

Lashaun Dale loves yoga and fitness and finds magic in movement, music and mobs of people. She holds degrees in International Relations, Philosophy and Applied Anthropology, as well as an MPH from the School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York. She also has two decades of group fitness programming experience.

What she’s reading: “Code of the Extraordinary Mind” by Vishen Lakhiani.

Favorite beverage or snack: Coffee – venti.

Go to 24-minute workout: Yoga flow and meditation.


Rachelle Mahoney

Contributing Editor, Fitness Instructor, Cat Mom

Rachelle Mahoney is an editor, writer and everyday fitness fanatic who loves running, yoga, BODYPUMP and trying the next crazy cool new fitness class. (Pilates on a surf board? Count her in!) A graduate of Biola University, Rachelle is an East Bay native and was previously the managing editor of a lifestyle magazine, where she also wrote about fitness, food, people and fashion. Rachelle is a Les Mills certified BODYPUMP instructor and NASM certified personal trainer.

Currently binge watching on Netflix: Call the Midwife.

Favorite beverage or snack: Coffee, and anything with cheese (apples, pretzels, etc.).

Go to 24-minute workout: Run or brisk walk.

Melinda Fulmer

Contributing Editor

Melinda Fulmer is a veteran writer and editor with more than 15 years of experience writing about health, food, and fitness. Her work has been featured in major media channels such as the Los Angeles Times, MSN, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Los Angeles magazine, Entrepreneur, HGTV.com, Prevention.com, and Details magazine.


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