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A 24-Minute Plan to Design (and Divine) Your Day

By 24Life

Days seem to fly by so quickly, even—and perhaps especially—in the summer. Fun can have something to do with it, but sometimes the day is gone before you’ve gotten to the good part.

The good news is that you don’t have to be at the mercy of other people’s agendas and the world’s chaos. Life is going to serve up what it will, but you can be ready with clear mind and the knowledge that you’ll make the most of it no matter what challenge gets thrown your way. Planning your day is the key to making sure each day is one to remember, and for the right reasons.

All it takes is 24 minutes—here’s how.

Do good night, better (3 minutes)

You’ve heard it before because it’s true, and now there is a ton of research to support the declaration. A good day depends on a good night of sleep. And a good night of sleep depends on a powerful, ritualized sleep routine. This can be anything you want, but make sure it includes ending screen time an hour before bed; preparing the room for rest; down regulation through reading, prayer, meditation or journaling; and preparing triggers for the morning to start.

Get on your feet (1 minute)

As critical as the bedtime routine is, it’s equally important to ritualize the a.m. kickstart. This, too, is completely up to your preference to design. Taking a hint from some of the most prolific minds of our generation, give yourself one minute to wake up in your bed and greet the day with specific thoughts or questions or a mantra, and then get on your feet immediately. Make the bed, grab water and coffee or tea and move directly into a deliberate practice, whether for you that’s movement or writing or time in nature. Your mind is freshest in the a.m.—use it well (and that does not mean checking email or social posts!).

Decide how you want to feel (1 minute)

Start by naming the day. Describe how you want to feel and remember the day when it’s over, and then set the intention to make this come true. It’s fun to create a game out of this and frame it with curiosity. “I wonder how I manage to work through all of the challenging situations that arise today–and have some fun doing it.” Thoughts are generative and have power; they produce sentiment in you and determine the tone of your physiology. Decide how you want to feel today. It is truly up to you.

Set your plan for the day (10 minutes)

This needs to happen before you review emails or incoming anything. Grab your planner or a notepad or the planning tool of your choice—ideally a physical one, as research shows that writing connects more directly to our brain and guides our subconscious mind. Plan the day.  There are a ton of incredible resources available for free to help you design your day. Hit up Google—we particularly appreciate David Allen, Chalene Johnson, Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracy Danielle LaPorte and Michael Hyatt, who freely share ideas that move the needle. Start by identifying the top things (three items tend to be the magic number for success) that you must accomplish today. Then block time on your calendar to make them happen at the earliest time possible. This is the only way forward.  Decide when and where you will get something done.  Then map your self-care and workouts in around other existing appointments.

Work the list (1 minute)

All day. Along the way, things will come up: conversations, calls, new tasks to get done, new meetings to book. Take it all in, and then take one minute to decide an optimal reply before you add this new to-do to your very full list. If there is an opportunity for a no and you are not critical to the topic or it is not critical to your end goals or how you want to feel, say no! Delay giving a yes if possible and add everything to your list of things open to review, consider and integrate into your workflow and life. Creating a healthy intake and filter for making decisions is critical to healthy head space.

Rapid recharge (1 minute set-up and 10 minutes every hour)

What if you moved from designing the day to divining the day? Each day is an expression of you and your life—your masterpiece, one stroke at a time. What can you do each day to fully express yourself—in movement, in the conversations you have with others, in the messages you publish on social media, in the way you dress, in the way you solve problems and in the way your deliver your work? Take a few moments each day and level up your self-expression to leave a deliberate and conscious mark on the world.

Rewind and review (5 minutes)

Don’t let a single day pass into the next without taking a moment to sit and reflect on what has transpired. So many moments happen under our nose that are full of meaning; magical exchanges as well as clues to challenges that you may be facing. Think through the day, what worked, what didn’t, what could be better and what would you not change for the world. The seeds of gratitude exist in our awareness and attention that we give to all that surround us, and it is in this energy that new daydreams and a life of your dreams begin.

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