Fitness expert Tracey Mallett knows a thing or two about getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle. She has not only created the successful bootybarre workout program, but she also lives her brand, is the mother of two kids and serves as a spokesperson and TV host. 24Life asked Mallett to share her insights …

24Life: What is your top training tip for working out in the spring? Does your workout routine change with the season?

Tracey Mallett (TM): Truly, I believe consistency is the key to a healthier lifestyle. I am fortunate to live in a climate that you can go outside all year round. However, it’s time now to get ready for the summer and bikini time, so I do pay a little more attention to the lower body, which is where my program bootybarre (combining the best of yoga, Pilates and dance) really does help.

24Life: What do you see as the three most beneficial exercises that people should include in their workout routine?

TM: Check out my favorite flat abs move in this video …

24Life: How do you regenerate or revitalize?

TM: I sleep at least eight hours a night, and I cannot function on any less than this. Your body needs this time to repair and boost your immune system, and sleep is incredibly important. Not to mention, exercise revitalizes me, without movement, my body is sluggish and I have low energy.

It’s hard to push ourselves to move when we’re tired, which is why I like to exercise in the morning when tiredness is no excuse.

Hydration, is underestimated too. Drink up! It will definitely revitalize you as well!

24Life: What book is on your night-stand?

TM: “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. In this book, you learn to manifest what you want out of life, and that the laws of attraction are the key to move forward in life. It’s a must for everyone. We all have the tools to be successful — we just need to believe to make it all happen.

24Life: What is your go-to pre-workout or post-workout snack for nourishment?

TM: Almonds and bananas. And for post workout, I go for protein smoothies.

24Life: What are you most passionate about, outside of fitness?

TM: The simplicity of just being able to put your shoes on and go. I love to appreciate the beautiful scenery and people watch where I am — it keeps my mind active and focused.

24Life: What’s one new thing you want to learn to do or one new thing you’d like to try this year?

TM: I would love to learn how to play volleyball, because I get super inspired watching my daughter play. I think it’s super athletic and a fun team sport where you really have to work together. A great life lesson.

24Life: How do you make sure you’re being your best self every day?

TM: Positive frame of mind, this is super important to me. Negativity just drags you down and is a waste of time, life is too short!

24Life: What biggest lesson did you learn while developing bootybarre?

“While developing bootybare, I learned how much movement really brings joy to people and how we all truly want to move effortlessly.”

24Life: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given, in less than 24 words?

TM: Never underestimate yourself. There is no time to focus on people who drag you down, these people inevitably will finish behind you. Never dwell on what could have been or what should have been but what IS and what WILL be …