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One-Pot Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

Whip up a warming bowl for convenience or colds. Touted for its abilities to nourish, heal and bring people together, chicken soup is the quintessential...

Stressed? Work Out with a Group, Not Alone

Boost your mood more, with a group fitness class. Headed to the gym after a long stressful day at work? Instead of hopping on the...

Four Reasons to Meet Up to Meditate

A group gets you benefits that solo practice might not.

Power in Numbers

Hippos can teach us about healthy living.

Protect Your Power

These three techniques can help you feel centered. 

24 Ways to Say Thank You

Give thanks and receive so much more.

About Face

The perks of facial massage are certainly more than skin-deep.

Transform Your Space and Empower Your Life

An urban shaman teaches us how to tap the transformational power of fall.

Why You Need an Indoor Plant (or Two)

Boost your mood and lower your stress by going green. We know that pet owners are happier and healthier because of their furry pals, but...

Immunity, Emotion and Your Microbiome

Science is rapidly demonstrating that the microbial “forest” in our gut is central to everything from our immune system to our emotional well-being. Doctor...

Why You Should be Taking Hot and Cold Showers

Your shower can boost your energy, relieve your stress and so much more. Most people shower to stay clean and fresh. But for others, showering...

How to Tell When Your Body Needs a Break

Check in with your body and take time off from your routine to be more successful in life. End of phrase. Period. Full stop. Start...

The Real Problem With Diets

Here’s what to do, instead of what someone told you to do.

We Fight for Your Dreams

Six ways life coaching is different than therapy.

Three Moves for the Long Haul

Prepare to endure life’s challenges with these moves.

Tap Into Your Reserves

Get back in touch—literally—and find your body and mind’s hidden strength.

How to Keep Your Mind, Body and Spirit Healthy

Nurture and care for your mind, body and spirit for ultimate happiness and to live your best life. As I write these words, I feel...

Project Summer: Meet Jill Miller of Tune Up Fitness

The Los Angeles-based mom of two shares her favorite self-care moves and where she finds inspiration. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of...

Project Summer: Meet Michol Dalcourt, Founder of Institute of Motion

The expert in human movement and performance shares why health—not fitness—is important to him. This summer, we’re bringing you inspiration from some of the top...

Laurie Gerber: Life by Design

A life you love starts with promises and consequences—for you.

Train to Claim Your Power

“SuperSoul Sunday” alum Mastin Kipp takes on what’s blocking your momentum.

Adapt and Move Forward

Three techniques help you get past obstacles—including (sometimes) yourself.

Bring Your Meditation Closer to Transformation

Try this yogic practice for visualization. 

Why Happiness Is a Muscle You Have to Work Out Daily

Train your brain and your breath to find happiness in the ups and downs of life.

How to Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs

Seven steps to make your dreams a reality.

Three Ways Exercise Helps You Think Better

You might be able to outrun your genes.

You Should Be Taking Collagen

Include this popular supplement in your nutrition plan.

Home, Inspired

Elana Kilkenny shows how your home and workspace can serve you better.

Design a Better Anything

24 ways to design your thinking and increase your creative confidence.

Can You Design Better Sleep?

Find out which devices might be helping—and when they might not.

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